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Gemalto on SIM card encryption issues: Case closed, job done

If you were following the SIM card encryption key news stories buzzing around, you’ll have recognised that industry heavyweight, Gemalto, was mentioned quite a bit. They’ve done their analysis and published their findings — and it makes excellent reading. Here are the key bullet points: The investigation into the intrusion methods described in the document and the sophisticated […]

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Gemalto’s encryption key challenges: Have a read of this…

You’ll no doubt have heard about the apparent hacking of Gemalto’s SIM card encryption keys and the ramifications of that for one’s mobile security. If you’d like to read an in-depth post on the issue, I highly recommend this one from The Intercept. It’s long. Very long. Worth getting a coffee, a croissant and digging […]

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Contactless at Odeon: A self-made disaster! #GemaltoNFC

I didn’t have a good evening last night when it came to contactless. Oh no. Not good at all. If you’d like to see me look a total fool, I won’t spoil the details by describing what happened. Instead, I’ll let you experience it “live” as I did. The background is simple: I intended going […]

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Contactless Challenge: All the videos from Day 1 #GemaltoNFC

What a day! It’s been quite an experience. The technology was both fantastic and (at times) rather frustrating. For those of you who weren’t able to follow it all ‘live’ (or, as ‘live’ as Vodafone’s utterly poor Richmond signal would allow), here’s the playlist. Watch them all in sequence and see what you think…

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#GemaltoNFC: My plans for the Contactless Challenge today

The MIR audience is brilliant. You’re all stars. James Body of Truphone in particular — he tweeted me this morning suggesting that I take a look at shoe-repair and photography chain, Timpson: @ew4n @mobileindustry How is the #GemaltoNFC Challenge going? There are only so many burgers that you can eat – Hurrah for Timsons ! […]

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Gemalto’s Contactless Challenge: I’m competing to win!

Gemalto is a world leader in digital security. Last year they did €2+ billion in revenue with well over 10,000 employees across 43 countries. They’re perhaps best known in the mobile world as the people who make SIM cards — but that is most definitely not where it stops. Did you know, for instance, that […]

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