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How good is Google getting? ;-)

I just noticed this on the email I was sent from Mobile Industry Review reader, Vlad, about the Seidio G1 battery. I posted the piece earlier — then on the bottom of the Google Reader email, saw an advert from T-Mobile for the G1. Incidentally the deal is you get the G1 free with 700 […]

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The one good thing with Windows Mobile: ActiveSync

That’s the one good thing with Windows Mobile. ActiveSync. Your contacts sync correctly. Same with Nokia handsets running Mail For Exchange. It all just works. Every since I arsed about trying to get Google, Plaxo, Apple Address Book AND Exchange to sync… big screw ups. BIG BIG screw ups. iTunes and Google repeatedly sync and […]

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The only thing a RAZR is good for? Stopping a bullet!

Reader Darren King knocked me over this Gizmodo story about a chap who took a bullet to his chest. Only that’s exactly where his Motorola RAZR was — sat in his breast pocket. “I stopped and I lifted up my sweatshirt and I took out the cell phone to check it to see if it […]

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Batteries really aren’t good enough yet

There are a lot of things pushing me toward buying a piece of shit simple handset. I’m seriously considering buying a really simple S40 Nokia handset, or maybe a Sony Ericsson (if I can put up with the lack of decent contact and calendar synchronisation). I want a phone that works when I need it […]

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Nokia Comes With Music is probably quite good

To all 250,000 readers, if you’d like to check out Comes With Music, Nokia’s latest wannabe attempt to make music work for normobs accustomed to absolute rubbish Nokia user interfaces, then check out some other sites. All About Symbian might be a good start. A Google for Comes With Music should work, also. As always, […]

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Malcolm Murphy – Is my Mobile good value?

I’m fascinated by the pricing of mobile phones and phone contracts. The mobile business has always been dominated by a small number of providers, who offer suspiciously similar but subtly different price plans, that have always looked to me like they are designed to confuse me. Bundling a handset with my contract confuses this further: […]

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Vodafone announce Pre-Pay Deal!

Vodafone have announced their first pre-pay deal in over two years. Luckily for us pre-pay consumers out there, it sounds like a bloody good offer too. For just ten pounds per month, users will be entitled to unlimited free evening and weekend texts. Obviously this will be in-accordance to a Fair Use Policy of some […]

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