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Vodafone data: Now the equivalent of One2One GRPS

Whatever happened to Vodafone? Once the shining beacon of technical capability, Vodafone’s data connection appears to have regressed in performance to the point where it’s virtually indistinguishable from One2One at the height of it’s popularity. One2One was the previous name of T-Mobile. All those years ago. Those were the days. Do you remember them? One2One […]

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No GPRS for iTunes or 10MB files allowed

Apple must still be patting themselves on the back over the two key announcements at Macworld this week, from downloading music tracks direct to your iPhone and iTunes going all DRM free. Only two staffers at UK’s CNET have stopped the party happening by inadvertently uncovered to major faults, with one of those joyous breakthroughs. […]

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UK01 the new kid on the MNO block

So who’s heard of UK01? Probably not many people, but that’s all about to change. UK01 is a new mobile network run by Mapesbury Communications. They are one of the 12 winners of a low power GSM Guard Band license that Ofcom auctioned a few years ago. It’s not been plain sailing, becoming a Mobile […]

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In-flight mobile calls take off with Emirates

The world has finally got its first commercial in-flight mobile service, thanks to Emirates and supplier AeroMobile. Emirates saw its first call on flight EK751, on a plane travelling between Dubai and Casablanca yesterday. According to AeroMobile, it’s the first time that voice calls have been allowed on commercial airline flights, after the European Aviation […]

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