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Best and Worst Graphic Mobile games

While some games are good on the eye, others are so grotesque that our retinas are forever burnt and offended at being exposed to such gruesome content. To save your eyes the pain of sifting out the beauties from the grotties, we have sorted out the best and worst graphics of some of the mobile […]

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The most visually innovative mobile games of recent times

Mobile gaming has delivered all gaming fans a pocket-sized solution to their gaming needs. But it’s not just the incredible convenience that has helped mobile gaming overtake traditional console games, as everything from strategy games to casino titles are starting to boast some seriously impressive graphics. A quick look at the previews of the upcoming […]

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Met Office gets mobile content makeover

Stand back, Google – the Met Office fancies itself as the new content provider on the block. According to a report in the Financial Times, the Met Office is hoping to resell its content onto mobile providers to boost the revenues it gets from TV companies like the BBC. The FT says the Met Office […]

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