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Keep an eye on Wileyfox launching today

The time is right for Wileyfox. Wileyfox is a super-stealth mobile handset startup focusing on Europe and North America. They’re backed by Venture Spring. They’ll sell online only and they’ll (probably?) only focus on Android devices. And that’s it. That’s your lot. That’s all we know, so far. All will be revealed in just under […]

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Frankie from Samsung

Samsung’s Galaxy S5 intro video outclasses the rest of the media’s efforts

It’s Day One of Mobile World Congress in Barcelona and I’m in the UK, getting organised for my flying visit to the exhibition tomorrow. I’ve spent the evening reading the various different press releases from Samsung and wondered just how they were managing the Unpacked Galaxy S5 announcements on YouTube. I searched “Samsung Galaxy S5” […]

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A nice example of Nokia’s smart subliminal marketing

The problem we’ve all had with Nokia, I think it’s fair to say, is that in recent years the products haven’t quite met our expectations compared to the rest of the market. I know the purists reading will disagree at this point — however, let me point you to Android and iOS device sales over […]

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Vodafone UK wouldn’t sell Steve a phone!

You can’t make it up, you really can’t. Steve Rowlands walked into a Vodafone shop recently to buy an HTC Desire. He was still in his 24-month contract and thus expecting to be asked to fork out a lot of cash for the privilege of swapping to the Desire. (By the way, Steve is another […]

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Video: Hands on with the £55 Orange Rio

Have a look at the £55 Orange Rio — a highly capable QWERTY device that’s sure to give the chaps at RIM a run for their money. Word has it that the device is selling very well on the High Street. I’m not surprised. Here’s the video — and remember, if you’re viewing on an […]

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Images: The £55 Orange Rio

For those who’ve been wondering what the Rio looks like, here’s the photo gallery: Created with Admarket’s flickrSLiDR. I’ve just begun using the device so I’ll let you know how I get on with it.

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