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Choosing the right mobile deal

With so much choice for consumers, choosing the right mobile phone deal can be a challenging task, even for hardened bargain hunters. The mobile phone market has never been so saturated with high quality products and tempting offers. The device and deal that you eventually decide upon will depend on how much you use your […]

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Sony brings it’s A-game to Mobile World Congress

Sony has been on a rather long journey. Way back before the joint venture with Ericsson, the company was delivering some highly useful devices. The Sony CMD-Z5, for any of the ultra-geeks reading, was a high point for me. It actually had on-board integrated voicemail! The Ericsson joint venture arrived and quickly the company went […]

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Vodafone is on a roll; opens Legend pre-ordering

Vodafone’s UK handset team are on a roll. They really are. If you’re looking for a new handset and one of the widest selections of new handsets, you should be examining Vodafone. Hardly a week goes by when I haven’t had a piece of news in from the nice ladies at Shine Communications telling me […]

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Motorola’s got some Android handsets due Q4 2009

I’m rather pleased to hear that Motorola has got some Android handsets coming — although not, according to the Financial Times, until Q4 this year. ‘Bout time. The actual quote: Motorola will use Google’s Android operating system for many of its new handsets although they will not go on sale until the fourth quarter of […]

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Half a billion handsets from one Nokia factory; my mother still can’t work them

Just saw this news on the Nokia Press Bulletin courtesy of one Stefan Constantinescu. Komarom, Hungary – Earlier today, Nokia celebrated an industry milestone at its mobile phone manufacturing facility in Komarom, Hungary – the production of its 500 millionth phone from a single factory. In his address to Komarom employees, Nokia Chief Executive Officer […]

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India’s DoT Tightens Noose Around Carriers Over IMEI Issue

After the many terrorist attacks in the country and the apparent use of mobile phones as an important tool for planning and the execution of the attacks, India’s Department of Telecom (DoT) had instructed all the mobile service providers in the country to disconnect service to handsets on their network that do not have the […]

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Most popular handsets using ShoZu

A few weeks ago, I wondered what the most popular handsets using ShoZu are. In the post I speculated that it must be the Nokia N95 on top of the list, followed by maybe a few other Nokias. I very much agreed with reader Mack005’s comment — he reckoned it would be the N95 and […]

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Should Nokia stick to making handsets?

Nokia has made much of their move into software this year but so far I’ve been ‘under-whelmed’ by what I’ve seen. It all looks disjointed and I seem to now have more Nokia ‘accounts’ than I can shake a stick at! Part of the problem is the lack of a decent ‘app store’ on the […]

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What are the most popular ShoZu handsets?

I’ve been talking to ShoZu and asked them to provide a list of the most popular handsets that they see using their service. It’s been something that’s been nagging away in my mind. WHAT is the most popular handset? What does the top-5 or top-10 look like? I’m thinking, off the top of my head, […]

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Should mobile handsets be allowed in the data centre? Yes!

Traditionally it has been held that mobile handsets shouldn’t be allowed in the data centre — typically because they ‘might interfere with equipment’. Mr O’Donnell over at The Hot Aisle has supervised some of the planet’s largest data centres and reckons mobile handsets should be allowed — if only to get hold of the data […]

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