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The man himself, Kieran Gutteridge

Mobile Developer Titan profile: Intohand

For a long time I’ve been interacting with Kieran Gutteridge on Twitter. He’s one of those independent mobile developers that the large mobile operators, manufacturers and platforms are chasing obsessively, quite simply, because if you can win him over, your platform might stand a chance. It’s all very well paying millions to a game developer […]

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MMS NOT INCLUDED – a classic operator mistake?

In the first of his columns, regular Mobile Industry Review reader Neil Ramsay gets stuck into multimedia messaging. Over to you Neil: – – – – – Remember when you were a kid, rushing excitedly down the stairs on Christmas morning to unwrap and play with your newest toy only to be reduced to a […]

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Mobile Developer Titan profile: Mubaloo

I’m delighted to bring you the second Mobile Developer Titan profile in our series supported by Telefonica’s BlueVia developer programme. You can the background to the series here.     This time we’re featuring the phenomenal team at Mubaloo. They’re the people behind some absolutely stonking applications for some of the country’s most recognisable brands. So, […]

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Get Taxi — come on, I just can’t wait!

I’m a huge, huge fan of OpenTable, the restaurant booking service because, fundamentally, it gives me control and clarity. I know that if I book at table — it’s booked. I don’t have to speak to anybody. I just click a few buttons. I love it. Compare this with the standard way of booking a […]

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361 degrees podcast – Episode 10: Bothersome things

In the latest episode of the 361 degrees podcast, I receive a virtual yellow card for using the word ‘sodding‘ during the episode (referring to MMS). Ben was not impressed at my language and I could feel Rafe giving me a stare from 3,000 miles away. I couldn’t help it. 😉 Anyway, let’s get on […]

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Mobile Developer Titan profile: AlwaysOnMessage

I’m delighted to introduce the first part of the Developer Titan Series here on Mobile Industry Review, kindly and enthusiastically supported by the BlueVia team. In each post of this series, we’ll be featuring an executive from a noted mobile developer firm. Don’t necessarily expect to see the usual suspects from the consumer technology headlines, instead […]

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Nokia’s N9: The full release (you need to read it)

Now then, this release is critical reading for anyone following the mobile industry. This is the launch released regarding the Nokia N9 — in full. First of all, read it. Don’t read it critically. Don’t think about platforms, don’t think about brands, just try and ‘take it in’ without making the usual judgements we all […]

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Uplinq: Full video of Stephen Elop’s keynote presentation

Kudos to Rafe Blandford over at All About Symbian who wrote-up what looks like the whole of Stephen Elop’s keynote at Qualcomm’s Uplinq event recently. He also embedded the video of Stephen’s presentation — I totally forgot Qualcomm had made it available. I do thoroughly recommend taking a bit of time out and watching this […]

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361 Degrees podcast – Episode 5: BlackBerry Bickering

Listen! In a noisy (and slightly longer than normal) Episode 5 recorded ‘on the go’ in a hotel back-room, we argue about Blackberry… a lot. Well… Ben and I argue. Rafe plays peacemaker. We ‘discuss‘: What was announced at Blackberry World. The platform changes that Blackberry is going through. The RIM / Microsoft partnership. The Playbook tablet device. The new QNX […]

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Uplinq: A rather cool augmented reality photo frame demo

Here’s a little tech demonstration I came across at the Qualcomm Museum. It’s showcasing quite a few different technologies: – Peer-to-peer networking – Augmented reality – Remote control The demonstration shows how you could control the contents of a digital photo frame (or, in this case, a series of frames on the wall) just by […]

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