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G1 Android emulator online

If you haven’t seen this weeks Mobile Industry Review Show, then go and check it out now! If you have seen it then you can now play with Android yourself here. As you can imagine all the functions are not available, however for those of you who have only read about the device this is […]

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Surprise hot handset that we’re filming next week

We’ve got our hands on a fantastic handset to show you next week. Oh yes. It is definitely not what you are expecting. That’s a close-up of the box. If you’ve guessed the identity of the handset, don’t spoil it for the other readers as I’m sure it’s not on everyone’s lips at the moment. […]

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LloydsTSB’s shit hot mobile banking service

I’ve been playing with LloydsTSB‘s wickedly good mobile banking service. On a Samsung handset, no less. The just released it today so if you’re a LloydsTSB customer, you’ll be able to keep track of your bank account and transfer money between accounts using their dedicated mobile application. I’ll have more details and some screenshots shortly. […]

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CellSpin Launches Mobile Blogging via Twitter

Just in… CellSpin Launches the First Mobile Blogging Service for Twitter and Pownce to Support Audio, Video, Picture and Text Posts CellSpin enables users to post audio, video, pictures and text ‘tweets’ from 300+ phones worldwide SAN JOSE, Calif., June 11 /PRNewswire/ — CellSpin (http://www.cellspin.net/) today announced its support for sending ‘tweets’ in all four […]

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SpinVox and MTV launch “Stand by what you say!”

Our very own James Whatley, (well we have to share him with SpinVox) implied something big was coming on last week’s Podcast (if you haven’t heard it yet, where have you been!?) and here it is. TV AND SPINVOX PARTNER TO LAUNCH FIRST EVER INTEGRATED VOICE POWERED CAUSE-RELATED SOCIAL NETWORKING CAMPAIGN ‘STAND BY WHAT YOU […]

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I spy with my little eye, an iPhone killer?

Caught this on thestar.com With an updated version or, possibly, versions of Apple’s iPhone expected this summer, the rumour mill surrounding BlackBerry-maker Research In Motion Ltd.’s much-anticipated response has officially kicked into overdrive. Waterloo-based RIM has said little about its upcoming wireless email devices, but there are nevertheless dozens of photos circulating on the Internet […]

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The N95 and iPhone are coming…maybe…to Canada

Ewan sent me this link today. Well, things are looking up for Rogers customers. Word on the street has it that the Nokia N95 is due to hit Rogers’ GSM network on May 2. The Canada-bound variant of the Nokia N95 should hit market sporting the same 5 megapixel camera, GPS receiver, WiFi, TV-out, and […]

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Nice one ROK!

I was chatting briefly with Bruce Renny about their spectacular arrival on the OTC Bulletin Board yesterday at around $1 billion. I was in and out of meetings the whole day (glued to my Nokia E61i — I think I walked from Euston to Charlotte Street without hardly looking up, knocking out the emails) so […]

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iKnit, next generation iPhone interactivity

I got this email from Ewan this morning with this picture attached. At first I thought he was just taunting me, cause I’ve been bugging him forever to buy me an iPhone. (By the way, Christmas is coming! 😉 then I looked a little bit closer and saw what the article was really about. Someone […]

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