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Obopay mobile payments service launches

I was chatting to a colleague this afternoon about the mobile payments industry. He was asking about US players and I mentioned that Textpayme and Obopay came to mind, as well as the huge PayPal Mobile. I sent him a link to the site and also had a look myself. I was surprised to see […]

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Youtube To Go allows video uploads from phone

Michael Arrington over at Techcrunch posted this note today about Youtube Mobile which caused me to yell ‘ahh hahh’ out loud to the computer monitor.  Youtube have announced that they have: "..Launched a service that allows people to upload videos directly from their mobile phones and PDAs to the YouTube Web site." The full release […]

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Streetwars – prime mobile opportunity

My friends have been chattering about the prospect of Streetwars arriving in London shortly.  Apparently a load of them are going to sign-up to become water-pistol assassins.  Heh.  I think it’s a super idea. It’s all web-based at the moment, as far as I can see.  It’s the medium of choice of course, however from […]

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Virgin Mobile UK gives 1,000 free texts/month ’til Sept

Link: NMA.co.uk [100% Interactive Marketing, Media, Mobile and Advertising]. Virgin Mobile has launched a ‘Summer of free texts’ promotion, giving away up to 20bn text messages to its customers until September. Existing and new subscribers can send up to 1,000 free text messages a month to other Virgin Mobile numbers. Well, the market is definitely […]

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Cannes, baby

I’ve been in Cannes over the Bank Holiday weekend sunning myself.  I had a super time and avoided looking at anything remotely mobile related.  Back now.  馃榾

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SMS Text News Directory – on its way

So, if like Ajit at Futuretext, you’ve received an email from me saying ‘We’ve received your listing’ … don’t worry.  I’ve been busy this evening going through my bookmarks and blog subscriptions religiously adding people and companies.  I’ve decided to create a directory for the mobile industry.  There’s probably a really good one that I […]

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HOT: Opera Mini browser

I have been using Opera Mini for a month or so now across multiple phone handsets.  It’s brilliant.  I thought it definitely deserved mega hot status!  If you haven’t already experienced it, you can download it over-the-air by visiting http://mini.opera.com in your phone’s crappy browser.  It’ll be installed in no time. I’m absolutely delighted with […]

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Peekabootv.com pays you for your performance

Alfie Dennen, ever at the forefront of mobile technology, sent me a note about another service he’s involved with: Peekabootv.com.  It’s been very much in stealth mode until a day or so ago and it’s now available for one and all to enjoy at http://wap.peekabootv.com via your nearest mobile browser. (See the screenshot to the […]

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Mobileglu update – now you can upload flickr photos

If I read Justin’s latest email correctly, they’ve now given Mobileglu users the ability to send pictures *to* Flickr as well as view them.  Very cool indeed.  I’ve just re-enabled my flickr account and I’m going to try this out shortly. I wonder if Justin and the team there couldn’t do something with Doug Richard’s […]

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HOT: Jonathan Bass, Incentivated

If I meet anyone connected with the mobile industry, I always ask them if they can give me a hot recommendation.  Just a few sentences on a company, service, product or person that they really rate in the marketplace.  No limits.  It’s always interesting to see what people suggest.  My latest ‘hot’ recommendation comes from […]

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HOT: Mobile Karaoke as the next big thing?

Link: Communities Dominate Brands. You called a special number to join in the mobile karaoke. You sang your song into the recording. You then listened to it, that you were satisfied with it. Then you entered your song. And others would listen to the songs and vote. Conceptually this is brilliant. And what of the […]

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HOT: 160 Characters Mobile Messaging Awards!

Link: 160Characters Association. This is the third annual 160 Characters Mobile Messaging Awards run in association with Informa Telecoms and Media. In 2005 there were more than 110 entries from 23 countries on 5 continents – see here for the 2005 winners and the 2005 short list. If you’ve provide any sort of mobile technology […]

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