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HOT: 82ask rocks

I was catching up with Oli Barrett this afternoon. He’s always been heavily involved in the mobile and interactive industries.  The latest venture that he’s involved in is SockRush.com — not quite your high end mobile technology start-up — instead, a wicked service that sends you 4 pairs of socks for under a tenner, whenever […]

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US Shortcode Registry List and WHOIS service launched

I had a note from Jonathan Madnick to let me know about his super service: US Shortcode Whois in which he’s listing every single US shortcode number, it’s vanity alternative (e.g. 20369 = "20FOX"), its website and its general purpose. Not only is this a super reference resource, it’s an excellent record of what’s going […]

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HOT: Voipstunt?

I was just having a look at Alfie’s blog and came across this blog post: VOIPSTUNT: errr. Hang about, so this gives me *free* calls to any landline in 37 countries, *and* I get a free VOIP in number? Ok, this I have to try. More later. The site he’s referencing is www.voipstunt.com.  I’ll give […]

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HOT: Sony Ericsson backs Microsoft Activesync

VNUnet is carrying a story confirming Microsoft has managed to get Sony Ericsson to license the Exchange ActiveSync protocol to: ..Enable wireless synchronisation between Exchange Server 2003 and Sony Ericsson’s forthcoming P990 and M600 smartphones. I’ve marked this as hot because getting your contacts on to a Sony is extremely annoying.  Their proprietary stuff just […]

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HOT: Tom Baker voicing BT’s text to landline service

I had to do another note on BT’s recently upgraded SMS to landline service.  I was listening to the Chris Moyles podcast last night (www.bbc.co.uk/radio1/) and they’d sent a few texts to a landline and recorded Tom Baker’s voice delivering the message. It is officially a hot service! Hats off to the folks at BT.  […]

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Hot Product: Nokia E70

I really enjoy talking to the movers and the shakers in the industry and seeing what’s turning them on.  It’s a great way of keeping your mind open and accepting to change!  So first off the block is a recommendation by Ed Hodges, web 2.0/mobile strategy @ Accenture. He says:  "My coolest gadget has to […]

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Mobile Hotties

I managed to get hold of Ed this afternoon to ask him to nominate a service, piece of hardware, company or person that he reckons is hot in the mobile space at the moment.  I’m going to try and ask more movers and shakers for their recommendations in the coming days and weeks. Meantime, I’m […]

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Hot Company: buddyPing

As well as tracking SMS, mobile and related news, I wanted to highlight companies, services, products and people that are hot.  Here’s a service I’ve been using and watching for a little while now: buddyPing is a way to find your friends, events, venues and pretty much anything in your local area with your mobile. […]

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