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Nokia updates classic phone

That Phinnish Phone Purveyor has just made a good thing better, by announcing the replacement to its 6300 – the 6700 Classic. Apparently this phone is the ‘much anticipated successor’ to that best selling mobile of 2006, which is marketing talk for ‘much delayed’ or ‘we’re not sure why this took so long, but it’s […]

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Looking towards Mobile World Congress ’09

In nearly a month from now, Mobile World Congress will be over, done and dusted, put to bed, an ex-event, acabado – finished. What are we expecting to see, what are we likely to experience, what will astound us and what will we all be talking about five weeks from now? From what we’ve already […]

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España consigue HSPA+

Vodafone has run out tests in Spain of HSPA+, with a record 16Mbps obtained during field trials of this next mobile bandwidth beast. They’ve partnered with Ericsson and Qualcomm to achieve this mighty mighty feat of the HSPA+ 64QAM goodness, with a view to step it up a notch this year. They’ll be pushing the […]

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Vodafone trials 16mbps HSPA+ mobile broadband

Pretty soon you could be surfing the urban jungle via a 16mbps data connection according to the chaps at Vodafone. During some HSPA+ 64QAM technology trials, the Vodafone chaps in Spain managed to achieve 16mbps. But it gets better. They’re planning to trial 21mbsp this quarter using HSPA+ MIMO. Vodafone experts estimate that the technology […]

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Orange updates Scottish and Irish infrastructure

France Telecom announced today they’ve just completed the upgrade to both their networks in Scotland and Northern Ireland. This means both 3G and what they’re calling 3G+, but what we’re calling HSPA coverage has now reach a new high in the UK for Orange. They now boast, in their words, they can ‘offer over 94% […]

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4 million HSPA converts a month

HSPA is taking over the world. According to the GSM Association, there are now 50 million users on HSPA networks around the globe – a massive leap from last’s year’s figure of 11 million connections. The association reckons that new users will be joining HSPA networks at the rate of around 4 million a month […]

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