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Apple, Huawei, and Xiaomi Finish 2015 with Above Average Year-Over-Year Growth, as Worldwide Smartphone Shipments Surpass 1.4 Billion for the Year, According to IDC

Every year, sales of smartphones rise as people ditch their feature phones and purchase the latest all-singing, all-dancing mobiles. You probably won’t be surprised to learn that smartphone shipments in 2015 passed the 1.4 billion mark, breaking new records. Despite saturation in many countries, there’s still a lot of room for growth in emerging market such as India an […]

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The winners and losers of the smartphone industry 2014

2014 was a heady year as far as smartphone sales went. Apple released two new handsets, Samsung struggled to make any headway, and Chinese upstarts like Xiaomi made waves with lots of great new devices and impressive sales. According to new data from research firm IDC, Apple closed the gap on Samsung in the fourth […]

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Huawei’s E3256 dongle uses DC-HSDPA to better Three’s previous high-speed offering by 40%

As talk in the UK turns to 4G delivered by LTE, many people will benefit more quickly from a 3G upgrade, DC-HSDPA. This standard doubles the download bandwidth of current high-speed devices (21Mbps) by using 2 simultaneous connections. Often called ‘4G’ in the US (‘faux G’ by critics), UK networks have so-far avoided this (just). Three have now launched their […]

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AT&T, Vodafone ready to buy Huawei handset biz?

It looks like the latest mobile company that could be up for acquisition is Huawei’s handset unit, according to a report in the South China Morning Post. The paper says that there’s a flurry of interest around the company from venture capitalists and mobile operators alike. The Post reports that Vodafone and AT&T are both […]

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