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Getting Started with Cloud Storage

Most of the people I interact with on a daily basis use their smartphones and computers multiple times every day. Those devices hold their dearest data, including family photos, videos from holidays, favorite bands, and a lot more personal content. Despite that, very few have gone through the trouble of backing their content up. Of […]

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Must every hardware firm make it’s own iCloud clone?

Yes. It’s the new rule, it seems… It is the dawning of the age of cloudquarius. Acer, in addition to a set of ultrabooks, just announced something it’s calling AcerCloud. This service, like iCloud, brings all of your content onto all of your devices, allowing you to “create, acquire and consume on different devices.” via […]

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Will enterprises embrace or restrict iCloud?

As far as most enterprise security officers are concerned, corporate data must be stored on company managed/controlled systems, eg the internal network. That’s the most basic interpretation of most policies. The definition of “systems” has widened recently to extend trust to the likes of Salesforce, Office365 or Google Apps. Indeed each of those services has […]

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iTunes with iCloud: Finally the ‘frustration’ ends

For years I’ve been rather frustrated every time I think about iTunes. I’ve got 40GB free on my 1,000GB drive. Yes, I’ve got a *dedicated* iTunes hard disk in my main Mac Pro. It’s flipping ridiculous. Buy a 2GB movie for £9 and unfortunately it’s now your problem to manage the file. I want to […]

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iCloud Photo Sync: Yup, this is very smart

After the disappointment of no additional new hardware beyond what man consider to be the bare minimum for the next generation, I think it’s right to point out that Apple certainly haven’t been staring at the wall for the last few months. It’s far too easy to forget that the glue that makes the iPhone […]

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£70 for 50GB iCloud storage? Yup, I’m in!

Mr Dredge over at Mobile Entertainment notes that today Apple revealed their iCloud pricing. I’ve been waiting for this. I’m sure you have too. Whilst Steve’s iCloud pitch looked rather exciting, in the back of my mind, I was wondering what would happen after I (easily) exceeded the 5GB free storage he mentioned. I do […]

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