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Ivy4evr: Channel4’s explicit SMS drama

I had a note in from reader James to tell me about Ivy4evr, Channel 4’s new ‘explicit SMS drama’. You only have to visit the site to determine that it’s a rather ‘edgy’ concept. The site explains that our key character, Ivy, has left home because ‘Lilsis’ (is that ‘little sister’ or somebody else, who […]

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MBNA UK launches mobile banking text service

If you’re an MBNA credit card customer in the UK, good news: You can now use text messaging to get balance, payment and transaction updates through the company’s newly deployed dedicated shortcode, 83838. MBNA already has dedicated mobile web sites for iPhone and BlackBerry so I’m delighted to see that they’ve not forgotten about the […]

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UK Political Parties: Mad to ignore the mobile medium

I had this letter sent in from Gary Corbett, Commercial Director of Oxygen8 Communications. As you know I’m delighted to receive and publish ‘letters (or emails) to the editor’ so let’s see what Gary has to say: Dear Ewan, We saw unprecedented use of new media in the recent UK General Election, with the Internet, […]

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Numo’s SMS Preview hits 1 million Ovi Store downloads

Tomorrow I’m giving a talk at TechCrunch Europe’s GeeknRolla event on the subject of getting big fast in mobile. One of the companies I’ll be looking at is Nokia. I most definitely understand and empathise with the pained expressions I witness whenever I mention the company to mobile developers, however the company’s size and handset […]

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iPad: Thank you Giff Gfroerer from i2SMS

Giff Gfroerer rescued me on Thursday evening. He saw my post late last week asking if anyone would be interested in helping me out by buying an iPad and shipping it over to me. He dropped me a note explaining that he lived nearby one of the Apple Stores in Atlanta and said he’d pick […]

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Amdocs sweeps up the mighty MX Telecom

Today, Amdocs — the industry behemoth — swooped in and acquired the mighty MX Telecom, one of the best messaging providers on the planet. I got the news just as I was coming out of a meeting and had to stop everything and send a quick post up to the site here followed by a […]

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myFairPartner’s completely online employment service (connected by text message)

I caught some news today about myFairPartner, a new online temporary employment service. They’ve integrated absolutely everything into one online portal which, if you’re a temporary worker (or, you hire a lot of them), will be an absolute dream come true. It’s typically an absolute arse, hiring temporary workers. I’m sure many readers have, at […]

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