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The worst technology failures of 2014

The end of 2014 will soon be upon us, and even though there is still more than a month left for some major newsworthy gaffes and missteps to happen in the world of technology and mobile, we thought it would be interesting to take an early look back on 2014’s most significant “technology failures”, and examine just where […]

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Apple announces new iPads and Macs

“It’s been way too long” Apple held its October special event yesterday to introduce its line of new iPads and Macs and as usual, it was a more low-key affair than last month’s iPhone 6 launch. Teasing us with the mysterious strap line “it’s been way too long”, there was intense speculation that besides the expected […]

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Android is far too unpredictable for my business critical use

The latest version of Android is still driving me round the bend. You’d have thought they’d have fixed all this nonsense after many iterations. As it stands today I’m still getting emails from Android apologists telling me that ‘these things should be resolved with the next version,’. Yeah. Not useful to me when I’ve spunked […]

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Turn on WiFi to improve location accuracy

iOS is beginning to grate on me. For a long time I have referred to the iPhone range as “Fisher Price” phones — an accurate, if rather flippant — description, I feel. There is a reason you give your ageing parents an iPhone. It just works. There’s a lot of elegance and simplicity built right […]

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Panic Stations at Cupertino: Why Apple’s iOS 6.0 Maps is a multi-billion dollar problem happening right now

So, that’s a long title. But it’s entirely accurate. You will no doubt have noticed a wide array of publications talking about the utter horror that is Apple’s new iOS 6.0 proprietary mapping application. Like me, many of you will have installed the upgrade of iOS 6.0 overnight and you’ll probably have noted the new […]

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iOS users: Are the switching costs just too high now?

I’ve got a question for the legions of readers running on iOS. Are the switching costs now just far too high? In an email conversation with reader Reuben Raveendran, the issue arose and I asked his permission to publish his perspective on the whole ‘platform’ issue. [Consider…] the “switching cost” that may prevent consumers from […]

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140 million iOS users are sending 1 billion iMessages every day

I wanted to document this one from yesterday’s WWDC keynote. I’ve been looking out for some statistics from Apple about the adoption of iMessage. 140 million iMessage users is a highly impressive number in itself, given the platform only launched last year. (Interestingly, RIM’s BBM site reports over 50 million BBM users who send 100 […]

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TextMe turns your iPod Touch into a phone

Very, very interesting move this. If you live your life in-and-around WiFi you wouldn’t need a mobile operator… Given the chance, you would probably turn your iPod Touch into a fully working iPhone, right? TextMe is launching in the U.S. today with an app that will get you close to that dream. “The real vision […]

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Cannot access data network! The iPhone’s stupid notifications need updating

I travel on the train often so my handsets regularly drop their network connections. It’s no biggie. This has been happening since 1986 and it’s factored in to the occasionally frustrating mobile experience. What’s utterly perplexing, though, is the iPhone’s panicked “Cannot access data network” prompt whenever the network drops. It doesn’t matter what I’m […]

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