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Turn on WiFi to improve location accuracy

iOS is beginning to grate on me. For a long time I have referred to the iPhone range as “Fisher Price” phones — an accurate, if rather flippant — description, I feel. There is a reason you give your ageing parents an iPhone. It just works. There’s a lot of elegance and simplicity built right […]

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An also-ran event from Apple; but job done

So the latest set of iPhones will hit the market later this month. There will be queues. There will be slightly tame excitement. There will be headlines about millions of devices flying off shelves. A few readers have been asking where the hell my opinions have been, given the launch took place 48 hours ago. […]

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Office for iPhone looks pretty smart, but…

… at the cost of a $99 annual subscription to Office365, that makes it amongst the most expensive mobile office productivity applications around. I’m pleased that Microsoft has actually made the leap into iOS. I’m on record as saying their reluctance to engage on the iOS platform has been a costly, costly mistake. Millions of […]

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That iPhone Mini discussion is back again: Good!

From the WSJ: Apple Inc. is working on a lower-end iPhone, according to people briefed on the matter, a big shift in corporate strategy as its supremacy in smartphones has slipped. via Apple Working On a Less-Expensive iPhone – WSJ.com. Did Apple ever have supremacy in the smartphone market? Supremacy of attention, yes. But volume? […]

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What’s that you say about an Apple iWatch?

The Apple iWatch story has given an array of bloggers a bit of cheer in the run up to the New Year, hasn’t it? The millions of page impressions will have kept a few churnalists and six-pence-a-post-experts in mince pies, no doubt. But has the concept of wearable computing and Apple got legs? Yes. Well, […]

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