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We’re going to New York on Friday

Krystal, our Operations Manager is heading to New York on Friday to check out the mobile scene. And do some relaxing, I imagine. She’s steadfastly refusing to buy an iPhone 3G at the moment. Maybe she will change her mind after a weekend with just her iPod with wifi. You never know. If you’ve got […]

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The countdown to sensible data in Canada…

Ok. So Rogers and Fido (same company) are getting the iPhone. July 11, the BIG day. I figure, they must have a plan, they MUST have a sensible data plan coming. And not just this “unlimited browsing” they keep trying to throw at me, I’m talking real honest to goodness data. So the countdown is […]

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Jonathan Jensen – One voice mailbox for all

The more I think about it, the more frustrated I get by my inability to tie all my voice messages together in one place. I have several fixed lines, including home and home office, a couple of VoIP services and several mobiles. Whilst I don’t dish out all the numbers to callers, I still receive […]

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CellSpin Launches Mobile Blogging via Twitter

Just in… CellSpin Launches the First Mobile Blogging Service for Twitter and Pownce to Support Audio, Video, Picture and Text Posts CellSpin enables users to post audio, video, pictures and text ‘tweets’ from 300+ phones worldwide SAN JOSE, Calif., June 11 /PRNewswire/ — CellSpin (http://www.cellspin.net/) today announced its support for sending ‘tweets’ in all four […]

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4INFO to offer Olympic fans free text alerts

We’re sure to see numerous Olympic related text initiatives coming forward in the next couple months, but here’s one that’s just been announced by 4INFO. SAN MATEO, CA. – (June 10, 2008) — 4INFO, Inc., the leader in SMS publishing and advertising services, announced today that it has developed a comprehensive mobile alerts program to […]

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SpinVox and MTV launch “Stand by what you say!”

Our very own James Whatley, (well we have to share him with SpinVox) implied something big was coming on last week’s Podcast (if you haven’t heard it yet, where have you been!?) and here it is. TV AND SPINVOX PARTNER TO LAUNCH FIRST EVER INTEGRATED VOICE POWERED CAUSE-RELATED SOCIAL NETWORKING CAMPAIGN ‘STAND BY WHAT YOU […]

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Malcolm Murphy – Where is the Innovation?

We’d like to take a minute to break from all the iPhone hoopla and introduce a new contributor here at SMS Text News, Malcolm Murphy. Malcolm comes to us with a passion for mobile and is eager to contribute here on our blog. With that, here is his first article for us, Where is the […]

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Zed appoints new chief marketing officer

Just got this in London, 10th June 2008 – Pedro Sañudo has been appointed new Chief Marketing Officer of Zed Group, the leading global MVAS player in terms of revenue geographical footprint. This appointment reinforces the marketing structure of Zed Group worldwide. As the new Chief Marketing Officer, Sañudo will have responsibility over the 53 […]

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Gary Bury Appointed Managing Director of Mediaburst

Alderley Edge, 3rd June 2008 – Mobile marketing company Mediaburst today announces that its finance director, Gary Bury, has been appointed managing director of the company with immediate effect. In his new position, Bury will consolidate the progress made by the company over the past year, particularly as a mobile marketing support company for marketing […]

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Video from Canada – Rogers has a sale

In a continuing effort to enlighten all of you with the goings ons of the Canadian Mobile Industry, I’ve been getting “out in the field” (Trying to be inconspicuous, almost got kicked out of the mall for trying to take a picture last time) to bring you the latest. Exhibit A, here’s a top quality […]

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