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I can’t wait for this check-in culture to move on

I absolutely cannot stand this check-in culture that has spread across the ‘connected’ social media masses. It’s not just FourSquare… everyone’s doing it. I can’t move for check-in competitions and updated services that now come with check-in features. You can now get check-in aggregators. A check-in — the act of physically taking out your phone, […]

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Rummble raises $800,000 venture funding

This news came in when I was in the midst of the birth process last week so I wasn’t able to do anything on it, but I wanted to document it. Rummble, the personalised mobile location recommendations service, just got $800k of funding from m8 Capital. Congratulations all! Rummble offers users a ‘page rank for […]

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LoKast: Share your media with anyone quickly & simply

I’ve been playing with LoKast for a few days and it’s raised some rather exciting possibilities. The application turns your iPhone into a two-way media server, enabling you to rapidly share any of your media (photos, video, contacts, music) to anyone else using the app on the same WiFi or Bluetooth connection. My first reaction […]

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Vodafone spurns UK’s Rummble for FourSquare

I saw Vodafone’s FourSquare deal announcement this morning and immediately wondered what the hell had happened to their rumoured deal with UK location-and-recommendation service, Rummble. The word on the grapevine is that Rummble — having worked really hard on a very neat looking Vodafone 360 app — were due to get all sorts of on-handset […]

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Mobile Monday Silicon Valley rocked

May 4, 2009 6:31 pm to 10:31 pm Mobile Monday Silicon Valley was fantastic this evening. There was a huge turnout on an uncharacteristically rainy San Francisco evening for the Location-Aware app demo evening. Skyhook Wireless kindly underwrote the bar and gave a pitch at the beginning of the series of presentations, outlining their rather […]

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