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London tube phone signal plans shelved = too difficult

Alas it all proved far too difficult… Plans to build a mobile phone network on London Underground in time for the Olympic Games have been abandoned.The UK’s four mobile operators on Thursday said they had concluded it would not be possible to build the network in time for the Olympics starting next July. via FT.com […]

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Meet Richard, co-founder of TweetALondonCab

I’ve been following the growth and success of the phenomenon that is TweetALondonCab for some time now so it was brilliant to be able to capture co-founder Richard Cudlip on camera today at the Microsoft-BlueVia event. Richard was there to talk about his organisation’s new arrangement with the upcoming Taxi service, TaxiStop (see the next […]

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A quick overview of Devnest #7 last night

Last night I headed over to the Sun Microsystems Customer Briefing Centre on King William Street, just down the road from the Bank of England, to the Twitter Developer event, Devnest. This was the 7th incarnation. As I walked along King William Street I looked in the window and by chance saw a rather vacant […]

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My Google Latitude is now live to the world

People I know from London keep asking me, “Are you in San Francisco?” and, people from San Francisco keep asking if I’m in London. The where-are-you question is very, very relevant in the context of business so I’ve been trying to solve that with the use of a Where Am I function on my personal […]

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Hej! Jag héter Ewan och kómmer från London

Hej! Jag héter Ewan! Hello to the tens of thousands of readers visiting from Sweden this evening. God kväll [Good Evening] and welcome to Mobile Industry Review. This is the link you’ll probably be wanting: – Peter Lindgren of Visiarc demonstrating Mobile Documents Jag to Mats Lewan of Ny Teknik, Sweden’s biggest weekly technology magazine […]

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MIR Developer Networking Events in London & Paris

That’s right! I’ve been on to DeviceAnywhere and asked if they’d agree to cover the cost of producing a Mobile Industry Review mobile developer networking event both in London and in Paris. Based on good response we’ll aim to do this as part of our European Tour and take the events to other cities across […]

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MoMo London & Swedish Beers

Last night the MIR Show team headed to MoMo London and Swedish Beers as per my post yesterday. It was a super honour to be asked to film a segment of the MIR Show on-stage during the event — thank you chiefly to Helen Keegan for suggesting the concept and inviting us — and thank […]

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We’re LIVE at MoMo London & Swedish Beers tonight

We’re off to the CBI at Centrepoint in the middle of London to a rather extraordinary MoMo London/Swedish Beers. Swedish Beers, the networking event, is 7 years old. MoMo London (Mobile Monday London) is 3 years old. And they’re having a joint-birthday celebration. And we’re doing our first ever MIR Show LIVE tonight. The chaps […]

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Symbian Smartshow hits London today

And we are most definitely there. With bells on. To be clear this is the…er.. ‘Smartphone Show‘. Although it’s referred to as the ‘Symbian Smartphone Show’. Are they the sponsors now? I originally thought it was all about symbian only. But Blackberry are exhibiting. So are Motorola, Sony and Samsung. Nokia’s unusually nowhere to be […]

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