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Panic Stations at Cupertino: Why Apple’s iOS 6.0 Maps is a multi-billion dollar problem happening right now

So, that’s a long title. But it’s entirely accurate. You will no doubt have noticed a wide array of publications talking about the utter horror that is Apple’s new iOS 6.0 proprietary mapping application. Like me, many of you will have installed the upgrade of iOS 6.0 overnight and you’ll probably have noted the new […]

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Try out the all new Ovi Maps this Easter

Apparently it’s Easter soon. My wife just told me. Who knew? Easter is one of those periods that has simply arrived in front of me, rather than been anticipated, throughout my working life. Thankfully Wikipedia explains that Easter is officially based around Sunday April 4th. At Easter, of course, quite a few people start traveling. […]

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Vodafone 360: The Dire Maps App

This morning I thought it was time to get stuck into mobile oblivion once again and check out Vodafone 360. As I walked down to the tube I recognised the now familiar ‘oh shit’ feeling that greets all users of the Samsung H1 Vodafone 360 device: That is, the knowledge that someone might recognise you […]

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MIR Show – Ben and Rafe row over Nokia Maps

Toward the end of the interview we filmed with Rafe Blandford of All About Symbian last night, there was brief discussion about Nokia Maps. Rafe is obviously a rather big fan of it. Ben Smith — normally the quiet, implaccable and relaxed thinking man on the team (“come on Tim!”) went nuts. Nuts in the […]

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Google Maps with even smaller magical blue circles

Over at the Google Mobile blog, Adel and Arunesh have just updated us with some great info about a new feature added to Google Maps upcoming version. According to the entry, finding your location is going to be even more precise with the addition of the ‘My Location with Wi-Fi’ feature.  This addition comes right […]

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Google Maps Mobile Streetview … near-Nirvana experience

I’ve been playing around with Google Maps Mobile Streetview. Just brilliant. In Portugal this weekend, I flicked out my E90 (running an older version, alas) and watched my taxi journey from airport to hotel. There’s something rather reassuring to see your little blue dot heading along unfamiliar streets and highways on the way to your […]

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