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McDonalds: A business critical back-up for the mobile warrior (or why McDonalds ROCKS) #McDStories

I’d like to lighten the load for the marketing team at McDonalds. They’v been dealing with a bit of a TwitterStorm relating to their #McDStories outreach concept. The background to the story is nicely laid out in today’s Financial Times. The FT reports that McDonalds bought two promoted tweets from Twitter encouraging users to contribute […]

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McDonalds sued over publishing of nude phone photos

This BBC story caught my eye. The summary? Couple went to McDonalds. Arguably this was their first mistake. Certainly from my wife’s viewpoint, anyway. The chap left his handset by mistake at a store in Fayetteville, Arkansas. Apparently McDonalds staff promised to ‘secure the phone’ until he returned to get it. And then it all […]

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Free WiFi in UK McDonalds rocks

I was walking past the McDonalds in Oxford Street, at the Oxford Circus, when I saw a ‘Free WiFi’ sticker. I’ve walked by a few other restaurants recently and been surprised by the amount of folk sat in there munching away on a Big Mac with their laptops out, browsing the web, clearly using BT […]

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