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A quick update on The Cloud and WorldPay

You know I’ve been focusing on The Cloud and WorldPay this week? I thought I’d update you. I had a note from WorldPay’s PR asking if I’d like to connect with their Chief Product Officer to understand more about their plans (in respect to mobile). I readily agreed. I’ve two simple open-ended questions for the […]

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Standby for MWC videos!

I took two video cameras to Mobile World Congress last week. I only parted from them when I was sleeping. On the Sanyo — the lightweight camera — I captured about 55 video interviews, some of which have gone live already. On the big Canon, I haven’t yet counted the videos but I reckon there’s […]

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Have you got a spare desk in Marlow?

The current Mobile Industry Review office is always, always very warm. This is because it contains no less than three Mac Pro towers and four 28.5″ monitors. They do a good job of keeping things warm which is superb in the winter and thoroughly annoying in the summer. The logistical issue is this: Our existing […]

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MIR TV in Prague – Part One

We’re off to Prague, Czech Republic. We were surprised to find a dedicated Vertu shop just off the Old Town Square — and even more surprised to see it doing a brisk trade in 5,000 EURO handsets. So Ben popped in and asked if we could film… Here’s the video:

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MIR TV goes to Rome – Part Two

Today it’s time for MIR in Rome, Part Two. In this episode we have a look at the iPhone language assistance applications (How do you ask ‘Where is the toilet in a foreign country?’) and we put Nokia and Google Maps head to head to help us locate the Spanish Steps. Which app do you […]

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MIR’s Twitter ROI statistics

It’s not about how many followers you’ve got on Twitter (but if you’d like to buy 1,000 of them, click here), it’s about how many of them are interested in what you’ve got to say, right? I did a little yesterday — and I’ve been doing a test with bit.ly as well — to measure […]

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MIR TV goes to Rome, Italy – Part One

Back in January, Ben, Dan and me (that’s Ewan) hopped on a very early flight to Rome, Italy, to check out the mobile scene there and to film two MIR TV episodes from the city. In today’s Part One, we talk about the technology we’ve brought, we visit some landmarks and spot-the-handset, we try making […]

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Mobile Industry Review goes subscription-only from 30th March

On the 27th of March, we’re turning subscription-only here at Mobile Industry Review (“MIR”). One company has bought our entire output exclusively, on-going. We are, in effect, becoming a private research company. Our new client is unwilling to subsidise our existing audience of readers (300-400k last month) so the content that we’ll be creating — […]

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DeviceAnywhere live test of outbound and inbound device calling!

We couldn’t visit Mobile World Congress without stopping by at the DeviceAnywhere stand to say hi and find out what was new. DeviceAnywhere have been super supporters of MIR in the past and they’ve helped us cover the costs of producing our developer events in recent times. They’ve been doing a lot of work helping […]

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MIR gets on the wrong side of Coracle Group

Coracle Group. Coracle Group… That name rings a bell? They’re the high-integrity communications specialists! Yes. It’s run, in part, by Richard L. Purcell. He’s the Executive Director that’s been mailing me demanding we edit some posts on MIR Company News. If you’re not familiar with MIR Company News, it’s where we stick the press releases […]

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