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MIR Developers: James Pycock of Fun Text

It’s time for another video from the MIR Developer Networking event. Next up is James Pycock, Business Development Director of Fun Text. Fun Text are ALL about modified greetings messaging. They’ve been hard at it this year. Having gone live with Sprint, T-Mobile and 3, Fun Text are also hitting the handsets directly so as […]

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This week on MIR

This week we’ve got quite a lot for you. 1. Dominic Travers’ follow up to his hugely popular Frequency post (“Stop selling ringtones and start selling Frequency Data“). 2. An excellent submission from an entirely new contributor on the joys of Sky+ and mobile. 3. The last — but certainly not least — videos from […]

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Speakers required for The MIR Twitter Summit

I’m hosting a Twitter Summit. I get it now. I’ve always got the status concept — and the ‘immediate immediacy’ that is Twitter. But I’ve been seriously, seriously bothered by the complete and unmitigated rubbish that many Twitter users engage in (e.g. I had bacon for breakfast. It was nice.) Having found a way of […]

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MIR Developers: Geoff Casely of Nimbuzz

I’ve always been a big fan of the Nimbuzz client — and their iPhone application is nigh-on-orgasmic. So I was pleased when Geoff Casely, VP of Manufacture Markets for Nimbuzz, managed to pop along to the MIR Developers networking event last week. He talks to us about the next steps for Nimbuzz and gives a […]

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MIR Developers: Regan Whitehead of T-Mobile

I was delighted that Regan Whitehead of T-Mobile UK managed to make it to our Developers Networking event last week. Regan looks after Android and Mobile Internet for T-Mobile — so a useful chap to know if you’re into developing applications for Android. Here we go: MIR Developers: Regan Whitehead of T-Mobile from Mobile Industry […]

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MIR Show: Roma Edition – Preview

Would you like to have a quick one minute preview of the MIR Show: Roma Edition? We’ve had a lot of people asking how the filming went — very well indeed thank you — so I thought it might be nice to post up a quick preview. I’ve picked out a few scenes and stuck […]

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MIR Show upcoming cities!

Having just visited Rome (the first video will be up shortly) here’s the rough list of cities that we’re planning on visiting across the next 6 months. It’s subject to change, but I’ve been getting lots of enquiries from people wondering where we’re headed so I thought I’d post a note up now: – February: […]

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MIR Developers: Tim Haysom of OMTP

Remember we invited 15 interesting companies focusing on mobile development to a small networking event in London last week? Well I promised I’d aim to interview all of them on video and publish them. Thanks very much to DeviceAnywhere for helping support the evening, we’re looking to do more developer centric events soon. Here’s Tim […]

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The Inaugural MIR Developer’s Event

So this evening we held the first ever MIR Developer’s networking event. We’re no stranger to events here at MIR — but this is the first time we’ve tried something different from the 150-people style big ones. This time we only had 15 attendees, along with a few chaps from DeviceAnywhere and the MIR editorial […]

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MIR Developer’s Event is tonight

Everything is booked and sorted for tonight’s MIR Developer’s Event. Starting next Monday we’ll have interviews with each developer going live every day on the site. We’ll be filming them this evening during the event. And whilst it’s efficient to get the cream of the city’s mobile development companies in one room for filming purposes, […]

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