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We’re taking the MIR Show to Prague on Saturday

I’m taking Dan Lane and Ben Smith to the Czech Republic’s capital city early on Saturday morning. We’re packing away our Euros and getting out our Czech Crowns (“Korunas?”) and going to find out how the mobile industry is getting on across the city. We’ll most definitely be popping into the mobile shops there and […]

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Nokia’s VP of Services, Niklas Savander

Whenever anyone sits down Niklas Savander, Executive Vice President of Nokia Services (e.g. Ovi), they ask him routine and dare we say, BORING, questions. And whilst we’d love to quiz Niklas about the intricacies of Nokia Maps, Ovi Store and so on, we thought it would be rather useful to put some different questions to […]

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Trying to destroy the Sonim XP3 handset

We popped over to the Sonim stand on the last day of Mobile World Congress and…. yes, we put Dan in charge of the interview. He has been fascinated with the Sonim indestructible handsets and couldn’t stop looking at the hammer on the desk whilst Christophe from Sonim was telling us about their new range. […]

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Palm Pre reactions from the team

Having seen the Palm Pre in the flesh, what did the MIR Show think? Here’s some immediate opinion from Dan Lane, Ben Smith and James Whatley: Palm Pre reactions from the MIR Show team from Mobile Industry Review on Vimeo.

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Palm Pre hands-on overview (1 of 2)

Here’s the first video of the Palm Pre hands-on video. We had the chap take us through a basic overview of the device capabilities and demonstrate it close-up. Standby for the second video. Meantime… enjoy: Palm Pre hands-on overview (1 of 2) from Mobile Industry Review on Vimeo.

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MIR Show – Palm Pre preview thoughts #meetpre

I sat down Ben and Dan before the Palm Pre briefing and asked them to tell us what they THINK they’re going to like and dislike about the Palm Pre… Here’s the video: Palm Pre – Our thoughts before seeing the Palm from Mobile Industry Review on Vimeo.

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MIR Show HD – Microvision Projector

For those of you who thoroughly enjoyed watching the Microvision Mobile Projector video we published last night, here it is again — in glorious HD format. It looks pretty good at full screen on my 28″ monitors. Here’s the video: The Microvision Mobile Projector from Mobile Industry Review on Vimeo.

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MIR Show – we chat to Jeb Brilliant

We caught Jeb Brilliant of A Brilliant Blog during the show and I pointed the camera at him to find out what he thought of iPhones, Nokia’s latest and what equipment he was sporting. Here’s the video: Quick Chat with Jeb Brilliant from Mobile Industry Review on Vimeo.

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MIR Show – Matthaus of Mobile Facts [STRONG LANGUAGE]

I bumped into Matthaus Krzykowski from Mobile Facts in the media centre at Mobile World Congress the other day. Matthaus is a regular contributor to the silicon valley genius publication that is VentureBeat. He was running around all over the place getting interviews and quotes for their coverage (read his posts on VentureBeat here). But […]

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Charge your handset with an AAA battery

This caught my attention as we walked around Mobile World Congress: The ability to power your handset with a (rechargeable) AAA battery. This was particularly relevant to me since I’ve spent most of the week running out of Blackberry battery power at about 2pm much to my *intense* annoyance. Have a look at this development […]

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