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Karin Du Rietz of Rubberduck Media on Video Transcoding

I bumped into Karin from Rubberduck Media Lab at the Nexec networking event during Mobile World Congress. She pitched me on Rubberduck Media Lab (mobile video transcoding experts) and I asked if we could put her on camera the next day. If you’re into mobile video or mobile video transcoding, I think you’ll find them […]

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Andrew Bud on mBlox’s Sender-Pays Mobile Data offering

At Mobile World Congress, we made a b-line for the mBlox stand to find out more about their Sender-Pays Data offering. It’s highly, highly innovative, still a trial — and only for the UK networks at the moment (with the exception of T-Mobile UK!). Andrew explains the concept in the video, but briefly, here’s the […]

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Nokia N86 in the flesh, in Prague

Over the weekend we headed to Prague to film the latest MIR TV show (it’ll be up and online soon) and took the Nokia N86 with us to give it a once-over. James got hold of it the other week and although he couldn’t join us in Prague, he was good enough to loan it […]

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Andrew Bud gives mBlox overview

We caught up with Andrew Bud, Executive Chairman of mobile services provider, mBlox. We talked with Andrew for a good 25 minutes at the mBlox stand at Mobile World Congress. In this video, Andrew gives an overview of the mBlox service — very useful if you’ve seen them around but always wondered what they do. […]

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Nokia Maps, the N86 and getting ready for Prague

Nokia Maps, the N86 and getting ready for Prague from Ben Smith on Vimeo. In advance of our trip to Prague tomorrow I met up with James Whatley and we talked Nokia Maps and whether Rafe Blandford’s comments about side-loading map data and pre-planning points of interest could be right.  We also waved a pre-release […]

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Nokia’s VP of Services, Niklas Savander

Whenever anyone sits down Niklas Savander, Executive Vice President of Nokia Services (e.g. Ovi), they ask him routine and dare we say, BORING, questions. And whilst we’d love to quiz Niklas about the intricacies of Nokia Maps, Ovi Store and so on, we thought it would be rather useful to put some different questions to […]

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Trying to destroy the Sonim XP3 handset

We popped over to the Sonim stand on the last day of Mobile World Congress and…. yes, we put Dan in charge of the interview. He has been fascinated with the Sonim indestructible handsets and couldn’t stop looking at the hammer on the desk whilst Christophe from Sonim was telling us about their new range. […]

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Palm Pre reactions from the team

Having seen the Palm Pre in the flesh, what did the MIR Show think? Here’s some immediate opinion from Dan Lane, Ben Smith and James Whatley: Palm Pre reactions from the MIR Show team from Mobile Industry Review on Vimeo.

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Palm Pre hands-on overview (1 of 2)

Here’s the first video of the Palm Pre hands-on video. We had the chap take us through a basic overview of the device capabilities and demonstrate it close-up. Standby for the second video. Meantime… enjoy: Palm Pre hands-on overview (1 of 2) from Mobile Industry Review on Vimeo.

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Palm Pre Software Product Manager interviewed

Ben sat down with the Palm Pre Software Product Manager to find out more about the device before we got the hands-on demonstration. This is 9:16 minutes of pure relevance if you’re anywhere near excited about the Palm Pre device. Here’s the video: Palm Pre overview from their Software Product Manager from Mobile Industry Review […]

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