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Mobile Industry Review Show – Episode 27

This week we’re in London, we’re in Beijing (twice) and we’re in San Francisco checking out Swype. Plus we’ve an interview with Jote Bassi of Anam, we talk about Nokia’s N85 and N79 handsets — and we’ve some cameos from other mobile geniuses (notably Phoneboy and Stefan Constantinescu). Topics discussed: 1 ) This week: More […]

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Mobile Industry Review Show – Episode 26

Here, then, is the latest Mobile Industry Review Show (“MIR Show”) — Episode 26. It’s jampacked! JAMPACKED with footage from both Beijing, CTIA and London. Our technical contributor, Dan Lane, anchors the show from his office in London while everyone else was out gallivanting across the globe. Watch out for: – Ben Smith live from […]

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Mobile Industry Review Show – Episode 24

And thus, here is the 24th Mobile Industry Review Show episode. For those who aren’t paying close attention — for clarity, we’re numbering the episodes literally. Thus last week’s episode was numbered 22 and the trailer we published was numbered 23. So that’s us on 24. And it’s a special one. Packed to the rafters. […]

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Mobile Industry Review Show – Episode 22

Mobile Industry Review Show – Episode 22 from Mobile Industry Review on Vimeo. This week we’re bringing you an absolute WHOPPER of a show. A veritable whopper. 1. We’re committed to bringing you our show from different, unusual and picturesque locations around London. I think we’ve beaten everything so far by filming from the Tower […]

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Mobile Industry Review Show – Episode 19 from Brighton

Mobile Industry Review Show – 19 from Ewan MacLeod on Vimeo. Here, then, is Mobile Industry Review on location. Yes! This Saturday, we headed down to sunny Brighton on the south coast of England, to visit the inaugural social media cafe (“Tuttle Club”) establishing itself in the town. We’ve got a packed episode of pure […]

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The Original Mobile Industry Review Video Podcast

Good morning and welcome to our first video podcast. We’re trying something different this week, as per my post last night. We take a look at Sagem, we discuss 3, we cast a glance toward the inevitable iPhone availability discussion, we discuss the Nokia Tube — and Dan and Ben get overrun by some testosterone-fueled […]

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