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MMS NOT INCLUDED – a classic operator mistake?

In the first of his columns, regular Mobile Industry Review reader Neil Ramsay gets stuck into multimedia messaging. Over to you Neil: – – – – – Remember when you were a kid, rushing excitedly down the stairs on Christmas morning to unwrap and play with your newest toy only to be reduced to a […]

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361 degrees podcast – Episode 10: Bothersome things

In the latest episode of the 361 degrees podcast, I receive a virtual yellow card for using the word ‘sodding‘ during the episode (referring to MMS). Ben was not impressed at my language and I could feel Rafe giving me a stare from 3,000 miles away. I couldn’t help it. 馃槈 Anyway, let’s get on […]

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Careful of those explicit naked pictures on your handset, Ashley

Poor Ashley Cole. Not only has the footballer injured his ankle, he’s got into a spot of tabloid bother. Here’s how the world famous red-top, The Sun, covered the story: “X-Rated Ashely Photos Sent To Model” I turned to the newspaper of record, The London Telegraph, for an update. That’s right, it’s even caught the […]

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Radio 1 Free MMS day: Great idea, 3 years too late

I saw a tweet from the Mobile Data Association this evening linking to a video of Radio 1 DJ Scott Mills explaining the BBC Radio 1 Picture Messaging Day. The concept, as this MDA blog explains, is… …to drive a high profile project which will educate and reinforce MMS messaging to a mass market in […]

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Global Messaging 2009 – a brief roundup

I spent an afternoon at the Global Messaging 2009 conference in London a little while back. Promising to ‘reverse the decline of messaging ARPUs’ and discussions on ‘strategies to grow messaging traffic and revenue’, the conference itself featured some big names from the likes of O2, IDC, MTN and Vodafone. But hang on a second, […]

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Mobispine snaps up Fun Text

James Pycock, Business Development Director of Fun Text, dropped me a note today to let me know that they’ve been acquired! The buyer, mobile messaging company, Mobispine, has just completed the deal. Super news for James and the Fun Text team. And super news for the chaps at Mobispine — this is their fourth acquisition […]

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Will Walsh on MMS greetings from Sharpcards

Will Walsh is CEO of MMS (and EMMA) greetings service provider, Sharpcards. I fired some questions over to him recently to find out more about what they’re doing in the space. Will was good enough to answer some of the rather direct questions I had! Here we go… – – – – – Give us […]

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McDonalds sued over publishing of nude phone photos

This BBC story caught my eye. The summary? Couple went to McDonalds. Arguably this was their first mistake. Certainly from my wife’s viewpoint, anyway. The chap left his handset by mistake at a store in Fayetteville, Arkansas. Apparently McDonalds staff promised to ‘secure the phone’ until he returned to get it. And then it all […]

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The Poppy Appeal moblog

I very much respect the quiet dignity of the old chap in his uniform standing outside Waitrose in the local High Street selling poppies to raise money for the Royal British Legion and to remember all those lost in the war(s). I always try and drop off a few quid at least. The chaps at […]

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CTIA: Sybase 365 announces International MMS delivery hub

Sybase 365, the subsidiary of Sybase, Inc, the global leader in mobile messaging services today announced its global multimedia messaging exchange system at CTIA in California, USA. Christened MMX 365, the system is designed to nullify operator and country borders so that globally, subscribers can enjoy seamless delivery of MMSs.聽 Marty Beard, Sybase 365’s President, […]

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