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Oh no… Not another Blyk!

It has been reported that Comtel, an Australian telecom firm is to launch SMSpup: Mobile, an MNVO offering subsidised tariffs in return for adverts. Unlike Blyk the service is not completely free, and that they will receive around a 65% discount on pre-paid tariffs. Similar to Blyk customers who “opt-in” will receive MMS and SMS […]

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SOS: Samsung helping the victims of bullying and crime.

I was just browsing the Carphone Warehouse site, and noticed the “Back to School” offers they have. This however wasn’t what I was interested in; it was something called SOS Messaging. SOS messaging according to the CPH website is: “Feeling in danger? Simply press the volume key 4 times on your phone to discreetly alert […]

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More initiative please?

The mobile industry is moving along quite nicely isn’t it? We have (some) great services, some brilliant ideas being made reality, and I can only assume how cool the next five years will be. But still, I want more initiative! A couple of month’s back I was told about a new web/mobile service; and to […]

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Is MMS killing the postcard industry?

Is it just me or is the postal service having a rough time of it of late. First of all their main market dwindled massively when email began. Then, to top it off, Fox has just reported that MMS is killing the postcard industry. According to the digital measurement firm comScore photo messaging climbed 60 […]

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Nike customises trainers to your MMS

Here’s a gimmicky but still really rather cool marketing idea from Nika: bespoke trainers based on your own mobile phone snaps. It’s part of a mobile campaign called PhotoID, created for Nike by agency AKQA. Trainers buyers can take a cameraphone snap of “brightly coloured subjects, such as street graffiti or clothing”, MMS it off […]

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BMI ditches paper plane tickets for MMS

BMI has become the latest airline to consider ditching paper tickets for a mobile equivalent. According to the Glasgow Daily Record. The paper says the airline is trying a new system which works by sending a barcode to a passenger’s handset over MMS, which is then scanned at the boarding gate as well as when […]

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US gets disaster warnings by SMS

What do people do during disasters? Turn to their mobiles, of course. The Federal Communications Commission has adopted a plan that will see mobile networks used to transmit alerts during disasters or emergencies. The system, called the Commercial Mobile Alert Systems, will see texts sent to mobile users including, presidential alerts, imminent threat alerts and […]

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Watch Greenpeace’s moblog coverage live from Terminal 5

Heathrow Airport’s new terminal, ‘Terminal 5’ has been attracting a lot of attention of late, not least from environmental campaigners Greenpeace. They’re intimately acquainted with new technology and new media — here’s a good example: They’ve been using BAFTA nominated MoBlogUK’s system to deliver a blow-by-blow account of their Terminal 5 campaign today. It’s not […]

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O2 dusts down Bluebook back-up service for reappearance

O2 is going on a promotions offensive for its back-up service, Bluebook. Bluebook stores users phone numbers, messages and cameraphone snaps remotely, so in the event a customer loses their phone, all the content goodness inside the device isn’t lost forever. While the free service isn’t exactly new, O2 has decided to bring it to […]

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Vodafone unveils Otello MMS search engine

Here’s a neat little piece of software out from Vodafone: a search engine that works by MMS. Instead of typing in your query, Vodafone’s Otello lets you take a snap with your cameraphone – of a building, for example, send it by picture message to the search engine. The results are then sent back to […]

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Picture Message of Escaped Terrorist Sent to 3.9m mobiles

After Singapore’s most wanted terror fugitive escaped detention on 27th Feb the mobile phone networks were called on to support the massive man hunt: “The three mobile phone operators here – SingTel, StarHub and MI – are also sending out messages with pictures of the fugitive to 3.9 million subscribers, police said. “ Link: The […]

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