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3 has one million mobile broadband users in Europe

Kudos to 3. They led the way, in the UK at least, with the tenner-a-month USB mobile broadband revolution. This shows demand is strong for mobile broadband in all 3’s territories, including the UK, Ireland, Italy, Sweden, Denmark and Austria… … says the press release I got in this morning. Christian Salbaing, MD of European […]

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International mobile data roaming for $150/month from iPass

What if I told you there was a service available today that would give you international mobile data roaming — unlimited, fair use — across the United States, UK, Netherlands, Singapore, Japan, Hong Kong and China? And access to over 109,000 wifi hotspots around the planet? For $150 a month? All-in. On one adapter. That’s […]

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Video: Mark Tynan of ShopQwik

I’m delighted to bring you the first in the DeviceAnywhere Developer Roadshow series. You can find background on the roadshow here. Our first featured developer is Mark Tynan of mobile travel experts, ShopQwik. The application is nothing short of a piece of genius and allows you to book a flight and/or hotel, anywhere on the […]

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Mobile marketing, has it crashed and burned?

Does anyone like mobile marketing? That said, does anyone like advertising? Aside from the odd advert that you’d choose to watch anyway – The Cadbury Gorilla and it’s spin offs for example – my friends and I simply tolerate them because they fund the programme. On Firefox I use Ad Blocker Plus so I don’t […]

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Last Minute mobile festival guide

I know I’m slightly too old and posh for the festival circuit these days. The last major festival I attended was Scotland’s T In The Park in 2006; where I proceeded to stay in a lovely hotel and spend an evening siteseeing rather than getting drowned in the cold, wet campsite. I’ve even started to […]

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AskMoby makes weather more mobile

The dulcit tones of an Irish voice can calm even the most stressful of days. If you could bottle it you’d make millions – oh yes, they did and did – and West Life and Boyzone. Maybe it’s not so good afterall. I’ve just spent the past 20 minutes on the phone with Dr Mark […]

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Get me a flight to New York, stat!

I’ve just spent an hour or so pointing a camera in the face of a very patient and highly animated Mark Tynan, founder of mobile travel geniuses, ShopQwik. With their service, you can book a flight or a hotel, anywhere in the world, in 60 seconds, from your handset. I was interviewing Mark for the […]

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DeviceAnywhere — a walk through of the developer’s godsend

I still meet people who either haven’t heard of DeviceAnywhere‘s services or don’t quite ‘get’ what they offer. It’s a constant irritation. Ever since I got a demonstration of it about 9 months ago, I’ve been telling everyone and anyone about it. I’m also proper-made-up, as they say in some parts of the North of […]

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Mobile web users to reach 1.7 billion

Over the next three years, the number of mobile web users will triple, according to Juniper Research, rising from its current level – 577 million – to 1.7 billion by 2013, as users get online hungry for the web 2.0 applications. According to Juniper, The Far East & China region will be the largest market […]

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Top Gear game on your mobile

The BBC has announced that together with Gameloft they will be creating a mobile game of the well-known UK TV programme Top Gear. There’s no date been given for the release of the game – just “later in the year”, but when it does come out players will be able to: “race a power lap […]

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The ‘fourth channel’ for retailers is mobile

Came across this today from Cisco – the study says retailers are finally waking up to the realities and possibilities of mobile. Link: Finextra: Mobile to become ‘fourth channel’ for retailers – study With 3.3 billion mobile-phone subscribers worldwide, compared to only 1.3 billion Internet users, Cisco argues that handsets will soon be the “fourth […]

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