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AdMob: 10% of UK smartphones are running Android

You know AdMob, the chaps who serve billions of mobile advertisements every month? Well they’ve been publishing a metrics report every month for quite a while and it makes absolutely fascinating reading. It is my no means illustrative of the market as a whole — they can obviously only track the users who’re visiting mobile […]

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Who’s the arse using his phone for directions? Me!

I was on Chiswick High Street today trying to find a cash point that worked. Eventually I found the Natwest and managed to obtain some cash and as I departed the bank, a chap stopped me on the street. He was wearing a Tesco supermarket jacket. “Excuse me, mate,” he said. I turned round. “Do […]

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How many downloads do iPhone apps get?

The eternal question.. answered directly by super-shit-hot UK developer, Simon Maddox, on the MoMo London email discussion this afternoon: Hey Will, My app, 0870, was accepted into the app store a week and a half ago after 429 days in review. I’m planning to release all of the stats on my blog, but here’s a […]

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Why the Ovi Store is still total bollocks

Yes I’m a fan. A big Nokia fan. Using my new N86 I’ve been thoroughly enjoying the background-processing abilities with the likes of Nimbuzz running along with Google Maps, ShoZu and so on. The camera is, of course, brilliant, too. But the Ovi Store? Oh dear. Here’s just one indication why it’s struggling. (more…)

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GPush app pushes your Gmail to your Apple iPhone

I just had a note in from the chaps at Tiverias Apps to tell me about their latest addition to the iPhone App Store — ‘GPush’. It does what it says on the tin. Making use of the relatively new Apple push-update function, GPush prompts you with the subject and sender of mail sent to […]

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My new business: 1,000 Twitter followers for $99

If you can’t beat them — that is, get annoyed at the ludicrous nature of follower obsession — join them. Who made money in the gold rush? The hundreds of thousands of folk who went to find gold? Or the people who sold’em spades? Enter my new business. I will sell you 1,000 followers for […]

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