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GPush app pushes your Gmail to your Apple iPhone

I just had a note in from the chaps at Tiverias Apps to tell me about their latest addition to the iPhone App Store — ‘GPush’. It does what it says on the tin. Making use of the relatively new Apple push-update function, GPush prompts you with the subject and sender of mail sent to […]

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My new business: 1,000 Twitter followers for $99

If you can’t beat them — that is, get annoyed at the ludicrous nature of follower obsession — join them. Who made money in the gold rush? The hundreds of thousands of folk who went to find gold? Or the people who sold’em spades? Enter my new business. I will sell you 1,000 followers for […]

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Mobile Network App Stores: Utter, utter rubbish today

That’s the fifth presentation that I’ve been to — in as many weeks — featuring some kind of Mobile Operator attempting to explain to a room full of application developers just what they’re trying to do to support mobile development. My most recent experience was watching the chap from Orange France at Mobile Monday Paris […]

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Nokia Maps, the N86 and getting ready for Prague

Nokia Maps, the N86 and getting ready for Prague from Ben Smith on Vimeo. In advance of our trip to Prague tomorrow I met up with James Whatley and we talked Nokia Maps and whether Rafe Blandford’s comments about side-loading map data and pre-planning points of interest could be right.  We also waved a pre-release […]

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Fring – MWC Mobile Monday Peer Awards Winner

Hello James from the mjelly mobile 2.0 blog here at Mobile Industry Review with another Mobile 2.0 Service of the Week.  Fring is an amazing bit of mobile software that I’ve been using for a while and always planned to cover as one of our featured apps.  Earlier this week, (Monday) it was announced that Fring had […]

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