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Credit cards and mobile payments critical for small businesses

According to Visa Europe, it seems that mobile point-of-sale terminals and the ability to pay by credit card are critically important especially for small to medium businesses. With the rise of mobile payments set to continue bolstered by contactless payment schemes such as Apple Pay and Google Wallet, it’s more important than ever to offer would-be customers the choice of paying […]

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Apple Pay gains momentum

Apple’s mobile payment system, Apple Pay, was launched last month in the U.S. and despite some resistance from a handful of retailers, initial usage figures are encouraging and confirm the service is rapidly building momentum. So how many people are using Apple Pay and it eventually replace your credit cards and cash? Apple Pay late to the party, but nails the user experience Apple was not the first […]

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The mobile payments revolution

Mobile payment schemes are a hot topic at the moment, fuelled by revelations about Apple’s forthcoming  Pay service which is about to be rolled out in the U.S. this month. The concept is not new: the technologies and infrastructure that enable you to pay with your smartphone have been around for well over a decade. And in countries like Kenya, mobile money […]

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Get Taxi — come on, I just can’t wait!

I’m a huge, huge fan of OpenTable, the restaurant booking service because, fundamentally, it gives me control and clarity. I know that if I book at table — it’s booked. I don’t have to speak to anybody. I just click a few buttons. I love it. Compare this with the standard way of booking a […]

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The Chip and PIN nightmare, Redux

Thank you to the team over at the GSMA’s Mobile Money Exchange who re-published my Save Me From The Chip & PIN Nightmare post on their frontpage today in the opinion section. If you’re into mobile payments, definitely check out Mobile Money Exchange – they’ve got some very useful stories on the site (like the […]

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ImpulsePay mobile payments now available for 18+ verified UK consumers

Attention all adult, games, betting and music content providers: ImpulsePay has gone live with an 18+ service that uses the mobile operator age verification facilities to deliver proof of age prior to allowing consumers to purchase content. Nifty. Here’s how it works: – The content owner inserts an ImpulsePay ‘Buy Now’ – After clicking on […]

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BuzzCity’s mobile money research: 90% have purchased via mobile

Mobile media company, published a report on mobile money recently, based on research they did across their rather sizeable worldwide audience. In case you’re wondering, here’s a break down of their mobile page impressions last year across their top countries: Very impressive. BuzzCity placed text banners across their ad network and got 1,798 respondents. Here’s […]

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OpenTable seats 2 million diners via their iPhone/Android app

OpenTable has been a runaway success story in the online restaurant reservations marketplace, consistently killing the competition stone-dead. The power of the service is best observed in America — particularly in the Bay Area, where most of the restaurants I’ve been into actually have an OpenTable reservation system sat there when you walk in the […]

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KangoGift: Instant real gifts by mobile phone

I picked up a story from Iconoculture about KangoGift this afternoon. Here’s how they describe it: * Beta site KangoGift is now providing the hookup for what might be called presentexting. The service lets gift givers send text-message (SMS) vouchers for real presents. * KangoGift (located in Cambridge, MA) is currently only partnering with businesses […]

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I just signed up for an o2 Money prepay debit card

I walked by the o2 shop in Chiswick last week and saw they’d changed their posters. Both shop windows are now covered in o2 Money branding. Fascinating stuff. It appears to be like any other prepay debit card arrangement out there. Load money on to it and use it as much as you like. Only, […]

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SocialCord mobile payment platform is going places

Watch this one like a hawk; I’ve seen it demonstrated and it’s utter, utter genius.  This kind of concept has been around for a while in the UK and Europe but it’s been poorly delivered and the market hasn’t been mature enough for it. Quite simply you’re presented with a screen to type in your […]

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