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O2 launch ‘O2 Money’ pre-paid credit cards

Interesting news on O2’s launch of their pre-paid credit cards. They are launching 2 Visa cards in mid August one called the ‘Cash Manager’ and the other ‘Load and Go”. The o2 money site says: “O2 is all about finding the best ways of connecting you to your world. And we know that you’d appreciate […]

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Take card payments on your Nokia with TaxiPay

Well this is rather neat. A company by the name of Adelante is offering TaxiPay for mobile handsets. The service is targeted initially at Taxi Drivers who’d like to be able to take card payments with the minimum of fuss — it’s a really cool idea. – It takes about a week to get setup […]

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UK Rail Agrees Mobile Ticketing Standard

Nick Dillon, on behalf of the chaps at secure mobile specialist, Masabi, dropped me a briefing note on the state of mobile ticketing on UK railways. It makes interesting reading: – – – – – Hi Ewan, I thought you might be interested to hear that the Association of Train Operating Companies, (which represents all […]

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Two Weeks and Nothing?

I’ve been away for a week (because I moved house); and it’s all been a bit hectic! Unfortunately I didn’t have the internet for about two weeks, and thus I’ve been cut out of the online world of MIR. So when I got my connection back some time late last week, I was mildly hoping […]

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Visa is heading on to Google’s Android platform. Watch out!

It’s all getting very, very interesting in the mobile industry of late. I’m looking at every single handset that’s released and thinking ‘oh, that’d be good with Android’. Now that you can configure your own mobile experience — albeit in limited form with the T-Mobile G1 — the other handsets are shortly going to look […]

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Introducing Beem

In a twittered conversation with Kerl Haslam, CEO of Mobile Sense, he mentioned their new payment service Beem.  I didn’t know it, so over to Kerl to make amends… —- Beem is Mobile Sense’s first mobile payment solution to be brought to market, making mobile payments a cost effective reality. Beem provides users with the […]

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Is 2.5% enough?

I need not point out the current economic climate to any one of you; the news is bombarded with stories highlighting the latest business failure, another stage in the economic down turn, and how it’s getting frightfully worse. Then, Mr. Darling the UK’s Chancellor for the Exchequer announced yet another Government attempt to revitalise our […]

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Where’s the mobile awareness gone?

Wow! Doesn’t time just fly by? I’ve been away for a month – organising myself with school and the various activities I’m involved in, and it feels like forever! Never fear though, because now I’m back. Well, for once a week that is! Now school’s are a hostile environment (well, at least mine is), and […]

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Use your mobile as your Oyster card!

That is just one idea that has been floating around Mobile Industry Review for sometime; and it seems like after a trial period, people like it! The Near Field Communications (NFC) which O2 had been trialling with Nokia has had some optimistic results. Apparently nine out of ten (90%) of the five hundred trialists said […]

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