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Is Nokia becoming Fox?

That’s one of the opened-ended questions posed by Kerrianne Gauld, Biz Dev at Smith & Williamson Corporate Finance on MoMoLondon this afternoon. Have a read: Hi I’m doing some research on the mobile advertising sector and wondered if anyone had any views on the sustainability of the sector. If the projected ad spend by 2013 […]

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I think I want a new mobile.

After having the pure pleasure of playing around with some interesting, new, and innovative mobiles and applicatons over the past couple of weeks; I’ve come to a conclusion that I want a new mobile. I’ve been sitting here looking at mine, a Sony W810i, and it just looks so boring, and big, compared to everything […]

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Youth: Mobile Marketing, will it work?

No, this isn’t a rant about Blyk. So don’t worry. This is a look at how I think mobile marketing is being put to use, and whether or not it has had any effect on my spending, interesting, or anything of the sort really. Way back in 2002 I got my first mobile phone, at […]

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‘Unbanked’, kids pushing for mobile banking

Bank of America might be celebrating reaching one million mobile banking customers, but there are millions more set to do their financing over their phone, according to analysts Juniper Research, and a significant proportion of those will be coming from users who have never had a bank account or credit card before. Some 41.5 billion […]

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Obopay lands $20m for mobile payments

Mobile payments company Obopay has nabbed a four round of funding worth $20 million from the likes of Essar Communications Holdings Limited, leading the round and existing investors including Citi, Societe Generale, Qualcomm, and Promethean and new investors like Olayan America Corporation also joined in. The company is mainly a North American-based venture – it […]

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816 million mobile bankers by 2010

Mobile banking is set to skyrocket, according to mobile analysts Juniper Research, with 816 million of us using mobile banking services by 2011, a tenfold increase on the 2007 figure. The analysts reckon that the annual number of global mobile banking transactions will rise from 2.7 billion in 2007 to 37 billion by 2011, while […]

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Obopay’s next mobile payments frontier: India

India is, according to Obopay, adding 8 million mobile customers a month — to a market that’s already got around 250 million mobile users (compared to roughly 257 million in America).  So it makes sense for Obopay to head to that area.  It’s not a tip-toe strategy either.  They’ve got together with YES BANK (the […]

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SK Telecom, Citi bank on mobile money venture

SK Telecom is teaming up with financial services giant Citi to create a so-called “next generation’ mobile banking joint venture. The joint venture will go under the name of Mobile Money Ventures and create new services around NFC payments, budget planning and tracking, expense management and location based advertisements and discounts. The new services will […]

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Flirtomatic sells 14,000 engagement rings for leap year

Scottish tradition has it that on February 29 a woman has the right to propose marriage to any man she likes – and if the would-be husband refuses, he’s liable to a £100 fine. (So reports Clarissa at the Sydney Morning Herald.) Heard from Mark Curtis, top chap at Flirtomatic, the mobile/online dating and flirting […]

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Excellent delivery notification / re-scheduling by SMS

As a postscript to yesterday’s post bemoaning the state of Westminster Council’s ‘pay by mobile’ parking system, I got a surprising text from Virgin Vie today about an order for some home furnishings. “Your VIRGIN VIE AT HOME parcel will be delivered today.  If you need your delivery on an alternative date reply to this […]

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