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Jonathan MacDonald is helping Every Single One Of Us

Jonathan MacDonald, often referred to as ‘jMac’ in many mobile circles, has a new project. In fact it’s a movement, more than a project. He’s created EverySingleOneOfUs.com as a grassroots resource, aggregating knowledge and best practice methodologies to ensure optimal mobile advertising user experience. And we sorely need it, not just here in the UK. […]

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Hands up who wants an SQL Server screensaver?

I was surprised to find this, as I was browsing a site the other day. I was looking for some help on PHP and came across this ad for SQL Server 2008. “Hardness the power of the data explosion!” reads the ad. Followed by a prompt to text ‘SQL’ to 88882 for a free mobile […]

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We eat tonight, boys!

There we go, another email in from the AdMob chaps. We run AdMob advertising code on the Mobile Industry Review ‘mobile’ version of the site. If you wanted to see what it looks like when you get a payment from them, here we go: Almost $33 dollars of pure joy for the month!

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Call for Mobile Marketing Taxonomy (and it’s sorely needed)

Jonathan MacDonald has had enough. And so have I. The industry is continually comparing Apples and Pears when it comes to mobile marketing. Witness the following from Jonathan’s recent post on the matter: Page 12 of NMA (27.11.08) contains a piece by Charlotte McEleny who writes that “Some 65% of young consumers find mobile messaging […]

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Nokia’s new Benches ‘Come with Music’

In an effort to promote its highly touted ‘Comes with Music‘ service, Nokia, the leading handset manufacturer has now started placing special benches at various public places in the UK. Now, before you start wondering what’s with Nokia and the Benches, let me elaborate. The benches are actually a clever advertising medium to promote their […]

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Where’s the mobile awareness gone?

Wow! Doesn’t time just fly by? I’ve been away for a month – organising myself with school and the various activities I’m involved in, and it feels like forever! Never fear though, because now I’m back. Well, for once a week that is! Now school’s are a hostile environment (well, at least mine is), and […]

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Sponge hits 48 in the Sunday Times Tech 100 league

Good news for Sponge Group — the mobile marketing geniuses. The Sunday Times has ranked them at number 48 in it’s Microsoft Tech Track 100 league table. Congratulations to CEO & Co-Founder, Alex Meisl and the team. Here’s a note from Alex: “The growth Sponge has seen over the last two years has been immense, […]

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Big publishing names join Nokia’s Mobile Ad Network

Some of the biggest new media publishing houses across Europe have come together to join Nokia’s expanding mobile advertising network, the Nokia Media Network, that has a global reach of over 100 million consumers. These publishers are all pumped up to enhance the reach of the Finnish manufacturer’s advertising network. The Nokia Media Network, which […]

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AdMob serves 35m iPhone impressions in August

“On the bus on the way to the Financial District [in San Francisco] every one is using an iPhone. It’s unreal.” That’s a quote I got from a chap I met today about San Francisco. They love their iPhones here, they really do. But iPhone lovin’ isn’t just restricted to the City By The Bay. […]

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Mobile Shop staff… You amuse me!

No seriously! Despite how rubbish you can be (note, not all are that rubbish), you have this ability to make me laugh, even when it’s not funny! You see, on Wednesday I took a trip down to my local high street, a busy one at that; in all I would hazard a guess that there […]

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