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Credit cards and mobile payments critical for small businesses

According to Visa Europe, it seems that mobile point-of-sale terminals and the ability to pay by credit card are critically important especially for small to medium businesses. With the rise of mobile payments set to continue bolstered by contactless payment schemes such as Apple Pay and Google Wallet, it’s more important than ever to offer would-be customers the choice of paying […]

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Episode 7 of 361 Degrees Season 8: Mobile Shopping and Payments

We’ve just published episode 7 of season 8 of the 361 Degrees Podcast, and it’s an awesome one that discusses mobile shopping and payments. As always it’s a relaxed and humorous debate as Ewan, Ben and Rafe pool their collective knowledge to provide insightful, witty and topical commentary on all things mobile… Here’s the summary: This week the team re-visit […]

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Apple Pay gains momentum

Apple’s mobile payment system, Apple Pay, was launched last month in the U.S. and despite some resistance from a handful of retailers, initial usage figures are encouraging and confirm the service is rapidly building momentum. So how many people are using Apple Pay and it eventually replace your credit cards and cash? Apple Pay late to the party, but nails the user experience Apple was not the first […]

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The Cloud has the most abysmal mobile payments gateway ever (WorldPay). Please recommend an alternative to help them see the light!

This evening I was stuck at Waterloo for at least 45 minutes. The train I’d expected to take was cancelled. No biggie. I decided to wait. Waterloo is a pretty good station with some reasonable facilities. I remembered I needed to download another episode of The Killing (Series 2). Often, the 15-minute free option of […]

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Operator Innovation: Taxis, baby, taxis!

In the second in my series of Operator Innovation posts, I’m looking at Taxis. Why isn’t there a ‘taxi’ button in every Orange phone? Seriously — think about the possibilities? Buy an Orange contract and you’ll get prioritised access to over 450 fully approved and vetted taxi firms across the UK. That’s one firm in […]

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From Barter to Barclaycard: The History of Payments

Here’s a wee sponsored video from Barclaycard taking a look at the history of how people pay for things. Barclaycard used award-winning director, Dominic Bridgstock, to bring the film to life in the style of Horrible Histories – a Brit comedy classic that Dominic has previously directed. Here’s the vid:

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Square’s new iPad ‘cash register’ — nice

There’s a nice post on TechCrunch today about mobile payments genius, Square. They’re certainly beginning to rock the marketplace. The numbers in the first paragraph alone read very much like ‘job done’ in the context of Silicon Valley. I’m particularly excited by their iPad ‘cash register’. Just like many organisations have jumped to Google Apps, […]

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Orange and Barclaycard introducing mobile payments (Updated)

It’s just a small entry on page 5 of today’s London Telegraph Business section. Indeed it’s only 6 paragraphs of text – maybe 150 words. But it’s explosive news for the UK mobile payments sector. For years as both consumers and mobile industry cheerleaders, we’ve been sat waiting for something like this to happen — […]

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