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Facebook: The big cheese of the mobile industry?

Hiten Shah’s retweet of this comment from @sbergel really made me think. Here’s the tweet: RT @sbergel: Two billion pieces of content shared on Facebook each week – http://bit.ly/15tCdQ The link leads to this InsideFacebook blog post on recently revealed statistics from Facebook. So there are two billion pieces of content shared on Facebook each […]

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Stop everything and have a look at Microsoft’s Courier Tablet

Stop everything you’re doing and fly over to this page at Gizmodo. They have a seriously smart video of the (apparently new) Microsoft Courier tablet. They report that it’s a real device and it’s in the ‘late stage’ prototype. If it’s anywhere near accurate — and if it works *like* they show in the video, […]

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SpinVox: If ever a company was more in need of James Whatley

Have a look at the terse, direct statement issued by SpinVox in reaction to today’s BBC news story. It includes no names. No ‘hello, it’s Daniel/Christian/Somebody here’. No personality whatseover. Perhaps, then, their direct and officious statement underlines the unimaginable panic going on at their Marlow HQ? Whither the friendliness, the approachable hi-ya, the ‘listen, […]

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Gmail lets you put your current location on your email footer

So this is a rather nifty addition, isn’t it? If you’re like to really wind up the people you’re emailing (or, hugely annoy your boss), you can have Google automatically do a lookup on your current IP location and stick that in your footer. It’s only for Gmail at the moment. That’s Gmail on the […]

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eBuddy – mjelly mobile 2.0 service of the week

Hi its James from mjelly here at Mobile Industry Review with another “Mobile 2.0 Service of the Week”.  This time we’re going to take a look at ebuddy – which might be the next big European startup success story to follow in the footsteps of Skype and Last.fm.  I spoke with the CEO Jan-Joost Rueb earlier this week […]

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The Power of Media Technology

I’m going to avoid delving into the politics of it, but over the past twelve days there has been a reoccurring story in our headlines; the Israel/Gaza issue. It’s one that has sparked outcry, and one that shouldn’t have happened. However, I was watching the news the other day, I think it was CNN or […]

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Two Weeks and Nothing?

I’ve been away for a week (because I moved house); and it’s all been a bit hectic! Unfortunately I didn’t have the internet for about two weeks, and thus I’ve been cut out of the online world of MIR. So when I got my connection back some time late last week, I was mildly hoping […]

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Do I resent my mobile?

Do I resent my mobile? I’ve been told once or twice that I resemble something of an old woman or more precisely an “Old Bag”. True, I do have my “old person” tendencies; but I do try to remain youthful as much as possible… Seeing as I’m only seventeen. It has however hit me; I’m […]

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Where’s the mobile awareness gone?

Wow! Doesn’t time just fly by? I’ve been away for a month – organising myself with school and the various activities I’m involved in, and it feels like forever! Never fear though, because now I’m back. Well, for once a week that is! Now school’s are a hostile environment (well, at least mine is), and […]

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Nokia buys location social networker Plazes

Nokia has once again found its way to its wallet for the latest in a recent run of acquisitions: this time, it’s snapped up German social networking firm Plazes. Nokia describes it as “a context-aware social-activity service that people can use to plan, record, and share their social activities: why they are at a given […]

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