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Touchnote embedded on millions of Sony Ericsson handsets

Embedding — where your application or service is preinstalled by a handset manufacturer or mobile operator — is one of the oft-forgotten tactics to Getting Big Fast in the mobile marketplace. For the lucky few, it really can be a phenomenal opportunity. So, it’s celebrations all round at Touchnote HQ — they’ve done a deal […]

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Flirtomatic: Liberal Democrats surge ahead on Super Snogs

Flirtomatic, the Great British mobile flirting success story has been running a general election poll. (If you’re not up on British politics, there’s a general election due tomorrow) As all of Flirto’s users are 18+ and they’re fairly evenly spread across the country, it could well represent a reasonable youth demographic. Since April 30th, Flirtomatic […]

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Has anyone used their mobile on Oman Air yet?

I saw the above add when I was having a look at The Times this morning. Quite apart from the fact that the advert looks a little amateur, it did prompt me to wonder how people using Oman Air have been getting on with using their mobile handsets in-flight. I can think of nothing worse […]

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VoxSciences will keep SpinVox users connected

After my post yesterday about HulloMail, SpinVox users about to be switched off might like to check out the voice-to-text service from VoxSciences. Unlike SpinVox, VoxSciences are profitable — although the facility is not free of charge. There are two basic service plans: I know quite a few readers who are utterly delighted with their […]

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Thanks, ipadio!

The ipadio team have very kindly placed my latest phlogs (phone-blogs) on their frontpage today: Have you been listening in? I’ve had quite a few emails from surprised individuals flicking through Google Reader only to be shocked to hear my voice coming from the rss feed. That’s the beauty of ipadio. Over the past few […]

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KangoGift: Instant real gifts by mobile phone

I picked up a story from Iconoculture about KangoGift this afternoon. Here’s how they describe it: * Beta site KangoGift is now providing the hookup for what might be called presentexting. The service lets gift givers send text-message (SMS) vouchers for real presents. * KangoGift (located in Cambridge, MA) is currently only partnering with businesses […]

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HulloMail: A trip down memory lane

Just in case you’re wondering where HulloMail comes from, I thought I’d re-post this old Mobile Industry Review video from yonder. It was first published on the 10th of November, 2008 — so it’s well over a year old — but in it, you can see the top man at HulloMail, Andy Munarriz, give us […]

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Mother tweets whilst her son lies dying

Here’s how the London Telegraph reports the news: As paramedics attempted to revive her son Bryson after he was found floating face down in a swimming pool, Shellie Ross sent out a message on Twitter , asking her followers: “Please pray like never before, my 2 yr old fell in the pool.” Five hours later, […]

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London Underground chap threatens: ‘sling him under a train’

Everyone’s a citizen journalist now. We’re all walking around with devices that can capture brilliant quality video (or in the case of the Samsung Omnia HD i8910, HD video at 720p@24fps). This is beginning to make life difficult for quite a lot of people, in particular those in the service industry. Take London Underground for […]

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