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KangoGift: Instant real gifts by mobile phone

I picked up a story from Iconoculture about KangoGift this afternoon. Here’s how they describe it: * Beta site KangoGift is now providing the hookup for what might be called presentexting. The service lets gift givers send text-message (SMS) vouchers for real presents. * KangoGift (located in Cambridge, MA) is currently only partnering with businesses […]

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HulloMail: A trip down memory lane

Just in case you’re wondering where HulloMail comes from, I thought I’d re-post this old Mobile Industry Review video from yonder. It was first published on the 10th of November, 2008 — so it’s well over a year old — but in it, you can see the top man at HulloMail, Andy Munarriz, give us […]

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Mother tweets whilst her son lies dying

Here’s how the London Telegraph reports the news: As paramedics attempted to revive her son Bryson after he was found floating face down in a swimming pool, Shellie Ross sent out a message on Twitter , asking her followers: “Please pray like never before, my 2 yr old fell in the pool.” Five hours later, […]

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London Underground chap threatens: ‘sling him under a train’

Everyone’s a citizen journalist now. We’re all walking around with devices that can capture brilliant quality video (or in the case of the Samsung Omnia HD i8910, HD video at 720p@24fps). This is beginning to make life difficult for quite a lot of people, in particular those in the service industry. Take London Underground for […]

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Nokia buys Dopplr. Right on.

TechCrunch’s Mr A has the story on the Dopplr acquisition. Right on. This is very good news for Marko Ahtisaari, co-founder and CEO and former Nokia Director of Design Strategy. 1.25m EURO funding and an exit of around 10-15m EURO? Good maaaaaaan, Marko! Nokia just needs a nice new raft of devices with some sensible […]

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HulloMail could have helped Warren Buffett save Lehman Brothers

Warren Buffett, the Sage of Omaha, knows a thing or two about investing money. Sadly, he’s not quite up there with his Samsung handset. Or, an alternative viewpoint: Samsung spectacularly failed him when the marketplace really needed his attention. Did you catch this story? Here’s my rough assimilation of it. Bob Diamond, Chairman of Barclays […]

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Nokia, RIM & Ericsson tipped as SpinVox bidders

Adding SpinVox’s call-centre technology and know-how to an existing product/service configuration will make a lot of sense to quite a few companies. One of my favourite mobile analysts, John Strand, is quoted in Mobile Today magazine thus: John Strand of Strand Consults said: ‘There is a lot of consolidation going on and no doubt players […]

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