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SpinVox investor: company has been ‘put up for sale’

The BBC is reporting that SpinVox has been “put up for sale”, according to one of it’s investors. The actual quote the BBC obtained from Invesco Perpetual is: “The business has been put up for sale, and it is possible that, should a good sales price be achieved, the new valuation may be exceeded,” Invesco […]

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MyTokTok is generating buzz, keep an eye on it

Heard of MyTokTok? I’m willing to bet half of the MIR audience will have heard of them and will be nodding sagely as they read. The other half won’t have come across the service yet. It’s currently in invite-only beta — you can sign-up to be first in line when the open it up though. […]

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Gents, let’s not SpinVox this up, ok?

Got a tweet yesterday from @weirdshanghai, always a good source for interesting perspective (not only on the mobile industry). On the subject of SpinVox, he wrote…. @Ew4n I have taught the executives at China Mobile an NEW ENGLISH TERM. “Lets not SPINVOX, this UP” seems to be well received. One person decided to be a […]

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UK Regulator discovers unscrupulous service providers (shock horror)

It seems that at least some lights are on at the PhonePayPlus UK premium rate regulator. Have a read of this… Summary PhonepayPlus has recently experienced a sharp increase in the number of companies failing to pay fines for breaching its Code due to the companies’ insolvency – this is most pronounced in fixed-line services, […]

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HulloMail: 30 days later and I’m still loving it

If you recall I swapped from SpinVox back in late July over to HulloMail. And I haven’t looked back. I thought that I might miss the semi reliable transcription of SMS from SpinVox. I reckoned that getting the ‘gist’ was good enough — and, for a long time, it was. But I’m not missing it […]

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Whatley quits the Sinking Ship that is SpinVox

Former MIR contributor and Head of Digital & Social Media James Whatley, has quit the Stinking Ship that is SpinVox. Once the pinnacle of delight, excitement and social media excellence bar none, SpinVox is deservedly continuing to receive a complete and utter kicking. Whatley has, I suspect, had enough of it. He’s a talented communicator, […]

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23,000 developers on Mobango already!

DO you remember the post I published last week on Mobango? I was very interested to see that they’ve launched a mobile applications section — so I was delighted to get this email from Mobango’s Chief Operating Officer, Vittorio Maffei, with a little more detail on their recent operations. Have a read! Hi Ewan Thanks […]

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TalkTalk launches Put-Pocketing scheme to give £20s back

Heh. Have a look at this viral from Carphone Warehouse’s TalkTalk: Here’s the explanation: A new initiative is turning pickpocketing on its head by using ex-pickpockets to put money into Briton’s pockets on the sly. “Put-Pocketing” is the act of secretly putting money into someone’s pocket without them noticing, and is the challenge faced by […]

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Flirtomatic hits Australia with NineMSN deal

It’s yet another good day at Flirtomatic towers with the news that they’ve signed a deal with Australia’s uber-massive NineMSN service. I just had a note in from Flirtomatic’s CEO, Mark Curtis with the details: Ewan – g’day. We couldn’t resist the temptation to announce we are launching in Australia today just as the final […]

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Cubic Telecom gets into bed with HostelWorld

I’ve long held that the best way for a mobile service provider to get to mainstream audiences is to partner, instead of building their own offerings. Which is what the Cubic Telecom chaps have done with MAXRoam today. They’ve inked a deal with Hostelworld, one of the planet’s largest providers of online reservations to the […]

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Do you use doubleTwist for your mobile media?

I’d like to hear from anyone who uses doubleTwist to manage their media across (mobile) devices. I’ve been hearing a lot of good things but I’ve never actually tried it myself. (I’ve just downloaded it this evening). I was watching their demo — I’m particularly impressed by the possibility of simply ‘plugging in’ my T-Mobile […]

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