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ICO puts up satellite for US mobile TV

ICO Global Communications has announced its launched a new satellite that will allow it to start offering new mobile services later on in this year. The satellite, called ICO.G1, went up yesterday from Cape Canaveral, and reached its orbit later that afternoon. The satellite will let ICO provide services including mobile TV, navigation and emergency […]

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Nokia: Mobile TV in turmoil

You know things can’t be all good with mobile TV when one of its biggest proponents – Nokia favours the DVB-H standard – admits that rollout aren’t going as well as the company had hoped. Head of internet services t the Finnish handset maker, Niklas Savander, told Reuters that broadcast mobile TV “is a bit […]

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Qualcomm gives MediaFLO a $558m boost

Remember all the discussion over what the recent 700 MHz spectrum auction would yield for the mobile industry? Well, at least part of that question has been answered: Qualcomm is using its newly won spectrum to broaden the capacity of its MediaFLO TV service, after spending $558.1 million in the auction. The company said Qualcomm […]

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AT&T brings Qualcomm’s flow to mobiles from May

AT&T has revealed it will be bringing Qualcomm’s MediaFLO mobile TV technology to users’ phones by May. FLO will launch on AT&T’s network this May on two new devices, the LG Vu and the Samsung Access. AT&T said the service will feature two exclusive TV channels, but didn’t give any more information on their content. […]

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US to Dish up next mobile TV offering?

The US could be getting another mobile TV service, according to The Financial Times. The paper quotes analysts as saying broadcaster Dish Networks “could be considering launching a mobile TV service to compete with the leading US mobile phone companies” after bidding at the US 700 Mhz spectrum auction and winning enough licences to “create […]

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Porto Media looks neat; now just add mobile

I came across Porto Media whilst I was sat on the Heathrow Express this afternoon in a promotional video by IBM. (You can, incidentally, see the video here… IBM haven’t quite entered the 2.0 age — the video is simply a Quicktime download link so I can’t embed it here). Here’s how it works: The […]

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Europe gives DVB-H the official nod for mobile TV

Good news for Nokia, not so great news for Qualcomm and MediaFLO: the European Commission has given the Nokia-backed DVB-H mobile TV standard the official thumbs up by adding it to the EU List of Standards. Now, member states “will be required to encourage the use of DVB-H”. The Commission has also hinted that it […]

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Ofcom ready to start bidding for mobile TV spectrum

Mobile TV could soon be coming to the UK, with the news that Ofcom is planning to release spectrum which it says is appropriate for mobile telly. It plans to sell off the spectrum by auction, scheduled for the end of this April, while operators will need to get their applications in by 10 April. […]

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Green Porno goes live on Helio Mobile

Always one for pushing the boundaries, Helio Mobile have done a deal with Isabella Rossellini to offer her 8-part Green Porno adventure series on their ‘Give A Damn’ channel. Green Porno is not Jenna Jameson with a reduced carbon footprint. No. It’s a ‘comical but insightful study of the curious ways certain creatures (insects, mainly) […]

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IMMI’s mobile phone based digital ad monitoring system

Came across this company today during a bit of research into mobile video advertising measurement: Integrated Media Measurement Inc. (IMMI) is the developer of an end-to-end media measurement system that links media exposure to consumer action. Using a mobile-phone-based digital monitoring system, IMMI tracks almost all media 24/7 and helps businesses evaluate the effectiveness of […]

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Motorola puts money where its mouth is in mobile TV

While all the ongoing specultion about where Motorola is going with its handset business trundle along in the background, the company is still laying down some cash for mobile investments. Motorola’s investment arm, Motorola Ventures has revealed its put some money into Quantum, a company that makes devices and software for DVB-H mobile broadcasting, although […]

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