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Man with many mobile phones

Have mobile phones made us more productive – or are they just a distraction?

Have today’s mobile phones made us more productive, better at communicating and more able to get things done? Or are they more of a distraction what with the endless buzzes, notifications and interruptions? And I’m specifically talking about smartphones rather than feature phones that can barely do more than make a call or send an SMS. A smartphone isn’t merely a phone. We use […]

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Motorola StarTAC Featured Image

Classic handsets: the Motorola StarTAC

In the latest of our series looking back at some of the classic mobile phones throughout the last few decades, we examine the phenomenon that was the Motorola StarTAC. Motorola StarTAC was the sexiest phone of its time In the mid 1990’s, before mobile phones had really become mainstream, the most popular devices back then were […]

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Woman on Mobile Surprised

9 urban myths about mobile phones

In this post, we’ll take a look at a few common (and many astoundingly unbelievable) urban myths about mobile phones. There have been lots of great stories and misconceptions about mobiles over the past few years, so here’s just a quick summary of the best… Mobile phone urban myths 1. Using a mobile in low light can cause damage to your […]

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CES 2015 - Best of CES

The best gadgets of CES 2015

Consumer electronics have changed beyond recognition since the first Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in 1967. Just in the last few years alone, it’s easy to see the major changes that have swept the technology world. Smartphones have risen to become the most important consumer gadget, replacing everything from digital cameras, music players, and voice recorders. […]

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Best Smartphones - Main Pic

The best smartphones of the past decade

Back in 2004, Android and iOS didn’t exist, Nokia was at the pinnacle of its stranglehold on the industry and the 3G network revolution had only just begun. In the past ten years we’ve witnessed the birth of the truly modern smartphone, with features that seemed like flights of fancy at the time. But today, every phone worth its salt can play videos and […]

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Broadcom develops 802.11n chip for mobiles

A chipset has been unveiled by Broadcom, enabling WIFI in the shape of 802.11n for mobile phones. Along with the new wireless network standard it also rocks up with FM radio onboard and Bluetooth, making it a strong all round contender for the next wave of handsets. The ever so imaginatively entitled BCM4329 offers all […]

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Self destruct for mobiles arrive

British company Virtuity known for a similar technology on laptops, has developed the BackStopp Mobile software which eviscerates data on a phone if stolen or lost. If either of those two worst case scenarios come true, the company uses the mobiles own comms to track down said phone anywhere in the world. When the handset […]

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Nokia brings out affordable mobiles for emerging markets

Respecting developing countries and helping them getting their first footing on the mobile ladder, Nokia has come up with 7 handsets aimed at such markets. They’re focussing this spate of devices on providing internet access, email, agriculture and education to those places in an effort “to bridge the digital divide”. Besides offering their lowest cost […]

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700m NFC-equipped mobiles within 5 years?

All it needs is Nokia (for example) to add Near-Field-Communication (transaction capabilities) and woooosh, we’ve got a whole new ball game. A new analysis of the NFC mobile payments opportunity forecasts that 700m mobile subscribers globally will have phones equipped with NFC contactless technology by 2013. NFC will enable users to make payments with their […]

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FON-tastic way to turn mobiles into hotspots

Joikusoft – the developers behind the JoikuSpot software, which turns wi-fi enabled Symbian S60 phones into hotspots – has teamed up with wi-fi sharing bunch FON to release a new version of the client that will let wi-fi enabled devices from iPods to laptops to share your S60’s 3G connection. The new software will allow […]

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