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Fring – MWC Mobile Monday Peer Awards Winner

Hello James from the mjelly mobile 2.0 blog here at Mobile Industry Review with another Mobile 2.0 Service of the Week.  Fring is an amazing bit of mobile software that I’ve been using for a while and always planned to cover as one of our featured apps.  Earlier this week, (Monday) it was announced that Fring had […]

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MIR Show – we chat to Jeb Brilliant

We caught Jeb Brilliant of A Brilliant Blog during the show and I pointed the camera at him to find out what he thought of iPhones, Nokia’s latest and what equipment he was sporting. Here’s the video: Quick Chat with Jeb Brilliant from Mobile Industry Review on Vimeo.

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MIR Show – Matthaus of Mobile Facts [STRONG LANGUAGE]

I bumped into Matthaus Krzykowski from Mobile Facts in the media centre at Mobile World Congress the other day. Matthaus is a regular contributor to the silicon valley genius publication that is VentureBeat. He was running around all over the place getting interviews and quotes for their coverage (read his posts on VentureBeat here). But […]

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Charge your handset with an AAA battery

This caught my attention as we walked around Mobile World Congress: The ability to power your handset with a (rechargeable) AAA battery. This was particularly relevant to me since I’ve spent most of the week running out of Blackberry battery power at about 2pm much to my *intense* annoyance. Have a look at this development […]

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MIR Show – Rafe Blandford on the N86 8MP launch

Ben and Dan were up at the crack of dawn to hit the Nokia stand for the N86 announcement. Whilst there, they simply couldn’t pass up the opportunity of chatting to Mr Nokia himself, Rafe Blandford (of All About Symbian) to find out what he thought of the new device. Here’s the video: Nokia N86 […]

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MIR Show – James takes a SpinVox stand tour

We headed over to see regular MIR contributor and MIR Show star, James Whatley, at the SpinVox stand on the first day of Mobile World Congress — and then badgered him into giving us an impromptu tour. Here’s the vid: MIR MWC: James Whatley Introduces the SpinVox Stand from Mobile Industry Review on Vimeo.

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Jonathan Jensen on Thursday – Too many numbers

I’m not attending Mobile World Congress this week and rather than blog about news from Barcelona which will be admirably covered by my MIR colleagues on the ground there, I thought I’d pick up on a related subject – contactability. One of the interesting points I’ve picked up from tweets, blogs and conversations is the […]

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MIR Show – Ben and Rafe row over Nokia Maps

Toward the end of the interview we filmed with Rafe Blandford of All About Symbian last night, there was brief discussion about Nokia Maps. Rafe is obviously a rather big fan of it. Ben Smith — normally the quiet, implaccable and relaxed thinking man on the team (“come on Tim!”) went nuts. Nuts in the […]

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MIR Show – John Strand of Strand Consult

We bumped into John Strand of Strand Consult just outside the Nokia stand. I am very pleased to be able to bring you his perspective on the show and the industry. Have a watch! MIR MWC – John Strand from Mobile Industry Review on Vimeo.

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