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Americans: Rent a Nokia N96 for $36/month

Rentobile is genius. I’ve been thinking of starting something like this for a while in the UK. But for Americans, stuffed by the (somewhat) rubbish mobile carriers in the States not carrying Nokia or any other decent European devices, this is a boon. Rentobile carries a large range of different devices — some locked to […]

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Nokia’s Comes With Music goes on the road

The Finish Fone makers all you can eat music download service has just expanded its buffet table, to seat other countries that weren’t previously allowed at the table. In a very tentatively  linked intro that no doubt you’ll forgive us for one day, Nokia has opened up its music store to include other countries tracks […]

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The 2nd N96 sold in the United Kingdom

Regular reader, MostlyThis (AKA Chris Morrison) is the proud owner of a new Nokia N96. The second one sold in the UK, apparently. Good man. He appears to be loving it and it *does* look rather swish. If you’re thinking of making a purchase, his unboxing pictures are right here.

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Nokia N96 available on 3 for £30/month

Finally, the Nokia N96 is available for ordering from 3’s UK website. I’m not sure whether you can actually walk into a 3Store and pick up one of these yet. But I’m pleased to see they’re online and orderable. Our very own James Whatley isn’t a fan because the N96 is missing a graphics chip […]

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Nokia N96 hits the Indian markets

Originally announced a couple of day before the Apple iPhone 3G debuted in India, Nokia have today announced the availability and pricing of the Nokia N96 for the Indian markets.  Ever since the official carriers for iPhone 3G announced the pricing, there has been widespread disappointment among the people, thanks to the high prices set […]

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o2 isn’t bothering with the Nokia N96

I was surprised to read (via Mobiletoday) that o2 isn’t bothering with the Nokia N96. Apparently they have allocated the majority of their subsidy budget to the Apple iPhone. O2’s management team is looking to rein in the spiralling cost of Nokia’s Nseries handsets in light of the lower average monthly spends on postpay. The […]

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Carphone Warehouse pre-Christmas event

I wandered over to Victoria this evening take a look at what would be big for Christmas this year from Carphone Warehouse (silly name, good shop). It ranged from the ‘meh’ to the ‘wow’ so here’s a quick overview in pictures.  The event was organised as a ‘home’ with each vendor in a different room… […]

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Nokia N96 from 3 arrives in September

Weighing in at 125g with 16GB of memory and HSDPA brilliance, the Nokia N96 arrives on the 3UK network in September. It’ll be available for around £15 per month on mix’n’match. I’ll take two, please. I think I need this one. Here’s the QIK video of it in action:

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E71, N96, Blackberry Bold, Sony Xperia… ALL coming on 3

Yes, you read that right. The Nokia E71 is coming within two weeks to 3UK. Followed by the Nokia N96, the Sony Xperia and the Blackberry Bold. Geez. The 3UK Christmas strategy was revealed to us here at SMS Text News this morning at their launch event — the mobile equivalent of a fashion collection […]

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