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Exclusive: Nokia is not launching a handset next week

In what may not be the most exciting news of the week and may lead to more confusion than anything else, there will be no Nokia handset announced next week. We had lunch of late with two senior people inside the Finnish fone makers, who mentioned in passing there will be a new handset unveiled […]

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** UPDATE ** N97 UK arrival date leaked ** UPDATE **

Details have been listed on Play.com of the actual in store date of the N97, much much earlier than expected – March 31st. Hurrah! Spotted by Pocket-Lint is this revelation of revelations over the stores website seen here, heavily pre-empting any official announcement by Nokia themselves. Only a month ago we brought you news the […]

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James Whatley hands-on with the Nokia N97

And what does the Nokia-fan-in-chief think of this pre-release version of the Nokia N97? Find out here: James Whatley on the Nokia N97 from Mobile Industry Review on Vimeo. Here’s James’ initial thoughts: – – – – – The industrial design is pretty cool; with an extremely satisfying *click* when you open it… PLUS it […]

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OrangePartnerCampWatch: Nokia N97 coming to Orange?

Nokia’s new mobile spotted at the event on a table that shows off their line up of handsets. Are we to assume it’s coming to orange? Yes. Why wouldn’t it be?? It’s here, we can see it, it’s at an Orange event … it elementary dear Watson. Posted via email from MIR Live

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Nokia N97 hits the Expansys store

You can pre-order a Nokia N97 this morning at Expansys. Granted, they don’t even have a rough cost yet, but you can sign-up now to be notified the moment they can sell you one. I reckon it’ll be, what, 700 quid plus initially? The 6 month wait is really, really annoying. That’ll fly by though…

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MIR Show N97 debate

This evening, after doing our ShoZu campaign videos (the introductory ones), Dan and Ben arrived. “I want to discuss the N97,” he says, as he arrives. “Sure,” I say, looking at Ben who is already nodding his head. Within minutes the chaps are sat down in front of the camera and we’re getting to heated […]

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NokiaWorldWatch: The new Nokia, the N97 脙垄芒鈥毬⑩偓艙 the full skinny, the complete low down, the full enchilada – everything you needed to know but were too afraid to ask.

Nokia’s new QWERTY keyboard based mobile was announced today, completing their arsenal of N series handsets. This could easily be compared to other manufactures mobile keyboard arms, with the likes of the Sony Ericsson Xperia X1 and HTC’s Touch Pro first popping into mind. The N97 now fits nicely into the latest series line-up with […]

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NokiaWorldWatch: the N97 – for 550 euro

The Nokia executive vice president of markets, Anssi Vanjoki just announced the N97 will be around for 550 Euros. Although don’t hold your breath for it’s arrival, as it’s been scheduled for release at some point first half of 2009. Posted by email from MIR Live (posterous)

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NokiaWorldWatch: custom screen on the N97

Here’s just an image of the customisable home screen on the N97, just showing off it’s widgets. Or how it’s been widgetized – as the VP of the N series handsets put it over dinner last night. Posted by email from MIR Live (posterous)

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NokiaWorldWatch: The new Nokia N97 – the photos

Over dinner last night we were shown the new Nokia handset, the N97. The rest of the world will be seeing this at 09:15 local time in Barcelona . We were amongst the privileged few to see the phone in action and to get a full briefing, way ahead of even the common place journalists […]

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