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Snapchat drives more traffic than any other messaging app on North American mobile networks

Who knew? I didn’t. I had no idea. I thought Whatsapp would have been one of the key contenders. But apparently not. This is according to a recent release from Sandvine. (If you haven’t come across Sandvine, they are a leading provider of intelligent broadband network solutions for fixed and mobile operators.) Regarding Snapchat, the precise […]

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Mervyn Kelly of Ciena – The Network Specialist

This is Momchil with a video of Mervyn Kelly, of Ciena. Ciena provides the “Road infrastructure and traffic collision avoidance” for Mobile Networks. Mervyn Kelly, Marketing Director EMEA for Ciena describes his company as: Invisible to the end user, but extremely important. Providing end to end intelligent packet transport network. More from Mervyn:

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Paul Gowans of JDSU announces Data Collection Technology for Service Providers

Momchil here, with a video of Paul Gowans, Marketing Manager of JDSU. Paul talks about their new breakthrough solution for Service Providers – PacketPortal. PacketPortal enables gathering intelligence from the network, which may be used for a whole range of applications such as personalised services, pro-active problem correction of networks and overall better service delivery. […]

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Three and o2: Faster, better, quicker?

Does anyone remember the post I wrote a little while ago about Network Controlled Fast Dormancy? I titled it, ‘Nokia Siemens Networks makes your iPhone battery last longer‘. Quite a lot of UK readers were rather keen to find out if their network supported the NSN technology which, if implemented fully, should (amongst other things) […]

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Mobile Drama!

It’s a phenomenon that has been circulating around for the past few years; “Mobile Soaps”, which are specifically aimed and targeted at people like myself… Teens! It’s an idea that has always intrigued me; I’m a fan of anything that is gripping, true and something I can relate too (in terms of Dramas that is). […]

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Orange updates Scottish and Irish infrastructure

France Telecom announced today they’ve just completed the upgrade to both their networks in Scotland and Northern Ireland. This means both 3G and what they’re calling 3G+, but what we’re calling HSPA coverage has now reach a new high in the UK for Orange. They now boast, in their words, they can ‘offer over 94% […]

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