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LG Mobile Developer Network: Look how complicated this is!

Yup, you read that right. YES there is an LG Mobile Developer Network. Finally. Excellent. Unfortunately it is stuck in the year 1997. Yes indeed! If you’d like to get your application on to LG handsets, it’s as simple as: 1. Spend AGES writing a sodding proposal. (Ok so it’s only two pages…) 2. Formally […]

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All I Want For Christmas…

In an ideal world, I would ask for happiness, and the end of this dismal time of year. But of course I’m not here to discuss that! No, no, no… What do I want from the world of Mobile this Christmas? Firstly, I call for originality. I personally think originality should be the first aspect […]

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Tomorrow: Jay Fenton reviews the Teleware Private Mobile Network

You remember the Private Mobile Network Unit that I took to the Maldives? Well Jay Fenton has produced a brilliant review that’s coming our way tomorrow morning. Jay is one of the world’s foremost experts on telephony. And that sort of thing. It’s actually hard to specifically identify where his skills begin and end. Yes […]

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Nottingham University launches WiMax network next week

If you’re living in the Radford, Forest Fields and Haddon Park areas of Nottingham, you’ll shortly be serviced by a rather wicked WiMAX network, courtesy of Nottingham University. Ostensibly the network is a pilot — aimed at connecting students, teaching staff, business and local residents. The network launches on the 29th of September (the day, […]

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Big publishing names join Nokia’s Mobile Ad Network

Some of the biggest new media publishing houses across Europe have come together to join Nokia’s expanding mobile advertising network, the Nokia Media Network, that has a global reach of over 100 million consumers. These publishers are all pumped up to enhance the reach of the Finnish manufacturer’s advertising network. The Nokia Media Network, which […]

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Sprint ready to offload Nextel’s iDen

According to Reuters, the latest twist in the saga that is Sprint is set to get rid of the iDen network it picked up when it acquired Nextel a few years ago. Sprint has really been struggling all round for some time and a sale of a network that was superceded in both technology and […]

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Fibre, network, london, sewer. Done!

Geraldine Grewal is public relations officer of Geo, a leading provider of bespoke fibre networks. Geo are the people you want to talk to when you need 255mb a second delivered into your home office. Or to connect your company to another, at a reaaaaally fast speed. I wouldn’t mind one of those connections in […]

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Orange promises better network, more sales staff

Orange has decided it’s time for a change and has announced a new strategy that it hopes will mean improvements in everything from its network to its sales staff. Here’s the summary of what’s happening from Orange: • new customer service strategy implemented including 500 new customer- facing roles in UK customer centres & shops; […]

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Sprint’s WiMax now ready for lift-off

Could this really be the green light we’ve been waiting for? It looks like, after all the delays and to-ing and fro-ing with partner Clearwire, Sprint’s WiMax network is finally ready for take-off. Sprint said that it’s now finished commercial testing of its Xohm network, alongside buddy Samsung, and the WiMax network is now meeting […]

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Oz gets second 42Mbps mobile network

What is it about Aussies and the need for speed? A second Australian mobile operator has come out and promised a 42Mbps in the next couple of years. Hot on the heels of incumbent Telstra, Optus has now promised a super speedy mobile network by the middle of 2010. However, neither Telstra nor Optus has […]

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Dish testing mobile TV with Alcatel

Looks like the Dish Network conundrum is finally settled – the company is indeed getting into the mobile TV game, after announcing it’s teaming up with Alcatel-Lucent to test a system based on the DVB-SH standard. The test looks like it’s just a small one without any consumers involved – according to the pair, the […]

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China Unicom readies Olympics content for foreign visitors

China Unicom has leapt firmly on the Olympics bandwagon, announcing a slew of new content in time for the sports extravaganza later this year. According to Xinhua, the mobile operator will launch foreign language services and an international business centre. Xinhua also adds that China Unicom will also provide English, Korean and Japanese hotline services […]

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