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The new media economy with Twitter at the heart

I’ve been watching the Twitter phenomenon closely over the past days and I tell you, it’s getting more and more exciting watching the mainstream — and even new-mainstream media — trying to figure it out. For so long we’ve been used to reading The Times — for example — and getting the news, with *authority* […]

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The HTC Tungsten will be the new T-Mobile G2

After our posts about the HTC Tungsten the other day, we’ve heard from various knowing sources that it will most certainly be the next generation T-Mobile G2. Just from the pictures the Tungsten looks a lot more SOLID than the pop-out-and-wobble-about G1. Interesting. I am, actually, quite enjoying my G1 at the moment. As long […]

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New mobile BBC iPlayer hits beta

A blog post has appeared on the BBC informing of a new iPlayer mobile website in beta trials, plus support for new phones. Posted by Richard Titus, the new Future Media Controller, Audio & Music and Mobile goes on to highlight some interesting new developments. We’re probably all well aware the iPhone was the first […]

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RumourMill: New Nokia Touch Screen phone?

The rumour mill has gone into over drive with the sighting of a new Nokia phone, a full touch screen mobile – not even a week after their symposium in Barcelona started. Slashgear amongst others, starting with them, have all picked up on this story and run with it like the Olympic torch. We passed […]

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NokiaWorldWatch: The new Nokia, the N97 – the full skinny, the complete low down, the full enchilada – everything you needed to know but were too afraid to ask.

Nokia’s new QWERTY keyboard based mobile was announced today, completing their arsenal of N series handsets. This could easily be compared to other manufactures mobile keyboard arms, with the likes of the Sony Ericsson Xperia X1 and HTC’s Touch Pro first popping into mind. The N97 now fits nicely into the latest series line-up with […]

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New Nokia 6260 mobile slides into view

The former wood-pulp millers have just made public their latest handset, the 6260 Slide. Which is an addition to their other 6260 from 2004. Although not really drawn as update as such on the previous series, it does still share the same model number. Only now the word Slide is has been added, almost as […]

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We’re at the new LG PRADA Phone launch!

Late today we’re at the launch of the new LG PRADA phone, set to be the next exclusive designer mobile from the joint partnership of those two industry players. It’s their second handset from the venture, with the first arriving on the scene like a sex machine in mid 2007. The new model almost mimics […]

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Initial details on 3’s new ‘Facebook Phone’

The INQ1 or ‘The Facebook Phone’ is launched today. Our man RobK is on the scene. We’ll have more from you shortly — plus I’m hoping to be able to meet with one of their top executives tomorrow for a sit-down interview on camera. We’ll bring you more on the handset shortly — but I’d […]

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