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How to manage your BYOD project (by someone who’s done it and survived to tell the tale)

Hello it’s Ewan here. I’m delighted to present a series of posts by one of the Square Mile’s most accomplished mobile architecture hotshots, Julian Cooling. Julian has been a regular comment contributor over the years here at Mobile Industry Review and I finally met the chap in person at one of our 361 Degrees Live […]

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Mobile by Sainsbury’s: What are they smoking?

About a billion years late to the table, Sainsbury’s, the UK retail giant, has decided to step into bed with Vodafone to develop it’s own MVNO. Tesco, their arch rival, ran away with the retail-giant-owns-the-MVNO-world prize years ago. Every year I’m sure someone, somewhere at Sainsbury’s was forced to dust off the MVNO business plan […]

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What PR firm do you recommend with mobile experience?

I’d very much welcome your suggestions for public relations firms (and/or individuals) working in the mobile space. The reason I ask is that I’m trying to put a reasonably comprehensive list together. Every week I get emails from people asking for suggestions for companies to meet. I have got my favourites (some of whom I […]

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HMV heads into administration: About time

Like most British readers, I’ve shopped in HMV. I used to shop more in the Virgin Megastore nearest Tottenham Court Road on Oxford Street, just because I spent a lot of my initial adult years living in and around the Euston/Bloomsbury area. Virgin was nearer. Quickly though, time marched on. Shopping at music stores became […]

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“I’m not in front of my computer at the moment”

Earlier today I was on the train. It was packed. The whole carriage was being forced to listen to a Monday morning inane conversation about whether, ‘Lisa has approved that payment.’ Jamie — for that was how the chap introduced himself during multiple calls — was at pains to point out that he, “Wasn’t in […]

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