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Is anyone else finding the current iPad a bit too big?

I think it’s the release of the Google Nexus 7 that really changed things for me. Playing around with that, I couldn’t help but recognise the difference in size and weight between the two devices. Obviously. There’s quite a gap. The new iPad is flipping annoying, actually. The more I think about it. Oh the […]

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“Nexus 7 tablet sales could reach 8 million units in 2012”

I’ve been hearing similar estimates from a few people in the industry regarding the Nexus 7 tablet. I wonder how it’s going to get on with competition from Apple… Now, new estimates from Tech-thoughts.net based on touch panel shipments suggest Google could sell as many as 8 million tablets by the end of the year, via […]

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Fear the Googlepipe

The nice chaps at Mobile Entertainment magazine ran my ‘Fear The Googlepipe‘ opinion-piece yesterday morning. Did you catch it? It’s based on a post I did a little while ago about the launch of the arrival of the Nexus One and what that could mean for your common-or-garden mobile operator. I say ‘based’, but the […]

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The new way to purchase a consumer phone: Google.com/phone

Well then, this is another day to remember. It’s the day Google got stuck into mobile merchandising and nailed the mobile operator to the wall. That’s it: Thank you for coming, mobile operators, thank you for coming. You did your best. But now you’ve been ‘owned’. Well.. not yet. But do look out for the […]

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