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It’s way too early to judge Nokia’s performance

Just over a year ago, Nokia was doomed. I think people are forgetting this. Let’s remember just how bad it was: The management was broadly clueless. Many of the company’s most talented employees could see the problems facing the company but were powerless to do anything about it. The market had been rightly hammering Nokia […]

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Bad news: Almost everyone at MWC had an iPhone!

[Note: This post was originally published as the main editorial in the Mobile Industry Review newsletter. Would you like to receive it in your inbox now-and-again? It's free to subscribe.] Bad news. Or, is it good news? Let me know what you think… I arrived into Barcelona as the city bathed in glorious, glorious sunshine. […]

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Is Apple the next Nokia? Now there’s a question…

I got together with Ben Smith and Rafe Blandford recently to discuss this multibillion-dollar question on episode 9 of the 361 Degrees podcast: Is Apple the next Nokia? Now, all the iFans go absolutely nuts, there’s method in this apparent madness, especially given Apple has just completed yet another ridiculously amazing quarter. If you recall, […]

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Orange: Free XBOX 360 when you buy a Nokia Lumia 800

Have you been hearing about this deal from Orange? It’s been capturing the imaginations of quite a few normob (“normal mobile user”) friends and family. I’ve overheard people discussing it multiple times a day so — anecdotally at least — it’s certainly gathering a lot of attention. Here’s the offer: If you upgrade to the […]

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The Nokia Lumia 800: It’s business-ready

I’ve been using the Nokia Lumia 800 for just over a week, full time now. It has temporarily replaced the BlackBerry Curve I normally use for business work (I also use a Bold 9900 and an iPhone). I most certainly miss the physical keyboard of the BlackBerry, however I have to say that the Nokia […]

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